Art of Where


How to add & remove products in your Artist Store

  1. Adding products

    After creating your Art of Where Artist Store, you can begin adding products to it.

    Log into your Art of Where Account to get started. You can either create new products to be added to the store or add existing products to the store.

    Click on Manage products in your account to see all available products.

    When you hover over the store icon, you’ll see it change to a green + icon. Click on the + icon to add the products to the store.

    You can view the newly added products in the artist store by clicking View from the menu on the left side of your Account screen.

    This is how the added products look like in the Artist store.

  2. Removing products

    Log into your Art of Where account

    Locate the product you want to remove from your online artist store and click on the 3 dots near it.

    Select Remove from store to remove the product from your online artist store.