Art of Where


How to set-up your Art of Where Store

First of, thanks for trying Art of Where! We were the first website to offer on-demand printing on leggings and we look forward to always bringing you innovative and exciting products to translate your artwork onto. Art of Where provides a risk free way to start selling your artwork on printed products. If you sell in our stores, you never have to carry inventory and we provide you with a lifelike 3D model to best display your artwork. When someone purchases something from your Art of Where store, we print and make that product specifically for that person.

It’s very easy to set up and start selling via an Art of Where store. When you sell your artwork on our products in an Art of Where store, we pay you commission on each product sold. This commission is 25% of the retail price on all finished products, and 10% on fabrics.. When you enable the Art of Where store function in your account, you will have access to Sales Tracking to know how much commission we owe you. Commission is paid each week on products that have shipped featuring your artwork. There is no limit to how much you can sell and you will never be required to pay to post products on Art of Where.

Here’s some notes on the features you’ll find in our stores:

  1. Collections- Collections are a tool we created to organize your products. While your store will automatically be organized by product type, you can use collections to group different products that have a similar theme. You can name your collections, choose to have them online or offline (you can also use them as a tool to organize your drop shipped products), and add as many products to the as you like.
  2. Sales Tracking- This is the tab that shows any sales that have been made for a product featuring your artwork. You will see the name of the product sold, the date it sold, how many sold, and the commission owed. Commission will be paid out once the product is made and shipped and shows as complete.
  3. Photo Lab- The Photo Lab is a tool we created for artists to personalize their product shots. When you launch a product in the Photo Lab, the lab will walk you through adding text, changing the background, and even adding your logo. You can download any images generated by the Photo Lab and share them online or use for your own personal website.
  4. Mass Upload- The Mass Uploader is a great way to create multiple products at once. It can be used for any products that have either a square or rectangular template like our phone cases and art prints. When using the Mass Uploader, you will need to prepare your files in advance to fit the template correctly. If the file is not the right dimensions, our uploader will notify you so it can be adjusted.
  5. How to Get Paid- A very important thing to set up correctly! We make all commission payments via Paypal. For this reason, you will need an active Paypal account. The place to enter your Paypal email can be found under your Artist Store Profile. Simply enter your Paypal email and you are all ready to collect commission. Commission payments are sent every Friday on complete orders. Please accept the Paypal transfer as soon as possible as to not miss the payment. Paypal allows around 10-15 days before the transfer is sent back. When your in your Profile, you can also do fun things like change your profile picture, tell the world a bit about yourself and link up your social media.
  6. How to see what your AOW store looks like online- Once you set-up your store and stock it, you’ll want to see just how great it looks! This is done by click on the pink button found beside the Artist Store heading that says “View”.