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Art of Where is a tool for artists to translate artwork onto handmade quality items. We print your artwork onto products that are made start to finish from our studio in downtown Montreal, Canada. Our product range includes pillow cases, leggings, pencil cases and tank tops, with new products being dreamt up all the time.

By opening a store on Art of Where, artists can reach their fanbase in new ways. Fans can now wear your art, sleep on it, protect their phone, or decorate a home with it. Artists can expand their customer reach by selling online worldwide.

Opening a store on Art of Where is easy. Create an account and our easy-to-use backend will take you through the steps of uploading artwork and creating your products. Once your store is stocked and looks like you want, direct your fans to your personal storefront to make sales. Use our integrated social media to help with promotion. Every time a sale of your artwork is completed (ordered, made, and shipped), you will be notified by email. You may also track your ongoing sales and commission payments from your backend login.

Art of Where pays a flat rate of 25% commission on products and 10% on fabrics sold from your store.

Please read more about commissions down below.

Commission Information




All artists receive 25% commission on all product sales from an Art of Where store. You post your artwork, we produce and ship your products and pay you 25% commission per sale; one of the highest commissions offered currently on artwork printed products online.

Artists will receive 10% commission on sales of printed fabric from an Art of Where store.

Our Commission Guide

Commission is set at 25% on all products and 10% on fabrics.

Commission payments are made weekly on Fridays. Included sales will be calculated from Friday at 12:01am to the following Thursday midnight.

Commission payments are made in US dollars and are made through PayPal only.

We pay out every week regardless if it is $3.00 or $300.

Commission is paid once a sale is complete meaning once the item has shipped to the customer.

Commission cannot be revoked. We don't allow returns on artist designed products since we do not ask an artist ever to return their commission payment.

Artists can track their commission sales and the status of orders featuring their artwork from their profile login.

An artist will be automatically notified by email when a product order featuring their artwork sells.

Commission Details

All rights to your artwork remain yours. We are simply a high-end production studio that takes pride in our craftsmanship and provides quality prints and products that do your artwork justice.

Please note, Art of Where retains the right to remove any artwork that we find inappropriate along with the artist that posted it.

In order to set up a store, an artist agrees to accept these commission guidelines. It is also up to the artist to make sure that their PayPal address in their profile page is up to date so payments can be properly received. Rejected payments cannot be resent!

Commissions info

Selling on Art of Where

Once you have signed up for an account with us, designing and
selling on Art of Where is simple.

To get started, follow these easy step-by-step instructions:


Create your new account and log in. On the left-hand menu, you will see a section called Open Art of Where store. Enable the store function by agreeing to the terms and conditions. You can personalize your store information. Make sure your Paypal email is correct so we can pay your commissions!

Create an account

Create your first products. Click on the Products area and Create Product. Choose which product you would like to create.

Create a product

You will be brought to the product selection screen. You can upload your artwork and see the minimum requirements for your files on the right-hand side. Once you are ready click Create New.

Select the product to create
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