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Prints on Wood

We have perfected printing your artwork and photos on wood. At prices designed for resellers, Etsy store owners, and drop shipping, our wood prints give you and your audience a new way to display, share, and love art.

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Every Wood Print is Unique

Due to the natural properties of wood, every wood canvas will be unique. The wood grain is always different panel to panel. Please keep this in mind when ordering wholesale as you may see some differences print to print.

Lighter colours in your artwork will be more transparent and show more grain through the ink than darker colours. Darker colours will be less opaque and show less grain.

Two Wood Prints

White or No White?

Choose between printing your artwork with a white base or no white. Here's a bit about each:

Wood Print without white base

No white

  • Any white in your design will show as the wood grain
  • Darker areas or areas of heavy detail will print darker than you see on your screen
  • There will be a warm look to your print since the colour of the wood will give your colours a warmer tone. Blues in your artwork may take on a turqoise/green tint
  • This setting is ideal for highlighting the difference between printing on wood and printing on paper. Printing on wood gives you a unique one-of-a-kind pieces each time since every wood canvas is different.
Wood Print with white base

Printing with White base

  • White in your artwork will show as white on the wood canvas.
  • Our white base still allows the wood grain to be seen through by about 50%
  • Ideal for photographs and detailed artwork
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Great Display

They are ready to hang out of the box! Our wood canvases have a 4 panel frame in back that makes hanging your print quick and easy.

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Profile Dimensions

Your wood print will be 1" thick.

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Durable Print

Easy care and durable print. While its still best to not touch your print if you don't have to, your print can be rubbed with a dry or damp clean cloth to clean of any dirt or dust.

Available in 6 sizes

1:1 4:3
8" x 8" -
12" x 12" -
16" x 16" 16" x 12"

As well as some fixed sizes

8" x 10" 11" x 14"

Sustainable and 100% Made in Canada

All of our wood is sourced from sustainable forests in Canada.

We work closely with our supplier and order in bulk to keep transport minimal.

Rose Graphix UV-LED flatbed printer

UV Printed

We print using UV set inks. This means that your print resists water and can be hung in the bathroom if you like! Our UV printer prints both light and dark inks to help increase the range of colours we can reproduce your artwork with.

Ideas for your wood prints

Print your Instagram Pictures

Printing Instagram photos on wood is almost as good as your favorite filter. The wood grain gives your photos a unique vintage look.

Print your Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is special so why not make the prints as unique as you can! Printing your wedding photos on wood with our special process means they will last for decades with easy care.

An Artist Series

If your fans are used to seeing your artwork on paper, why not surprise them by switching mediums? Your artwork will take on a new life printed on wood. It's unique and novel, and your fans will think so too!

Restaurant Menus

Print your restaurant menus on wood and give your customers more than just the food to drool over! Our print process can handle printing fine details so small text will not be a problem.