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Allegra Michaels

Jacksonville, Florida

Allegra wanted to be an architect from the time she could walk, talk . . . and draw. Of course, when she was a toddler she called it building houses, but she was always with pencil and paper in hand drawing home designs for her favorite cartoon characters. As she got older she realized that architecture might not be the way to go because she wasn’t very good at math. Although Allegra took art lessons in high school (thanks, Mr. Flanagan!), and one year of art at a local college she eventually majored in something different, married, had children, and worked in the corporate world. About two years ago Allegra took an interest in art again and turned a back room in her home into a ‘studio.’ Although she is having fun and considers it a stress-reliever, Allegra also feels she is reconnecting with her inner-child – the one who wanted to be an architect and designer. She considers herself an abstract artist who is curious about colors and patterns, using mixed media, and how they inter-connect. Today Allegra works as a full time teacher during the day and evenings and weekends are spent in her studio creating art through different mediums for you to enjoy.



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