Bill M. Tracer photo

Bill M. Tracer

Cordova, TN USA

Where art and science come together we find the natural patterns emergent from fractal formulations. My art is an exploration of these abstract emergent forms, through the combination of fractal generation together with creative digital filtering and manipulations. This recipe forms aesthetic expressions of the artistic heart and creative spirit, while simultaneously experiments of the logical, rational scientists within. These are the inevitable outcome of a dual mind, fully embracing both the left and right; the yin and yang of art and science. The blending of this duality is the passion that drives my art. Having degrees in both realms, art and computer science, the fusion of these into the digital abstract art of Bill M. Tracer Studio is the natural outcome. As a result, Bill M. Tracer Studio is one of your definitive sources for excellent art products. Having been presented in shows in several states, Bill M. Tracer's work has acquired a number of awards, over the years. Both 2D and 3D software alike comprise the tools of his familiar palette and make up his art’s medium.


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