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David Phouthavong

Sioux Falls

Hi my name is David. I am a tattoo artist from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I work at Alien & Co Tattooing & Piercing which he has been open for over 33 years. I have always been into art my whole life but I never really understood the balance of it until I got my first tattoo at a shop at the age of 18. I watched the artist as he went though the process of getting my tattoo ready, and it was at that point when it really caught my eye. As he was doing my tattoo I caught myself trying to figure out what he was doing and thus watched his every move trying to put the process together in my head. That became all the spark that I needed and I began hanging around shops trying to get an apprenticeship which did not work out until 13 years later. I have since finished my apprenticeship and I have been tattooing for about a year now. Tattooing brought art back into my life as a strong force that drives me to keep learning and continue to better myself.
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