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Dim Brinquedim


Antonio Jader Pereira dos Santos, a.k.a. Dim Brinquedim, is a Brazilian toy artist. Born in February 26, 1967, in Camocim, Ceará, Dim Brinquedim got started on his artistic path when he was still a child by creating his own toys. This resulted in the creation of an artistic language entirely of his own, which unites the playful and the esthetic in works which invite observers to touch and interact. This invitation to interaction, which is displayed in his art, draws the observer into a living, stimulating world, which is bound to be reinvented and restated by means of the power of recreation in order to achieve life’s strengthening and development. His vast plasticity makes him an artist which is capable of articulating a huge plurality of techniques, forms, colors, and movements, while maintaining a coherence in his works which makes them immediately recognizable.
The originality of his works is the theme of documentaries, academic researches and books. A collection of 500 pieces, created throughout 40 years by the artist is available for appreciation at the Brinquedim Museum: www.museubrinquedim.org.br


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