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Jesse Gallegos  photo

Jesse Gallegos

Commerce City, Co.

Hello Everyone, id like to let everyone know that today is my birthday, which is a great time to tell all who will read this alittle about my art work, i guess my art is of the visual kind as i see them in my visions while sleeping or while meditating with my eyes closed. i try my best to make them look as i see them which is not always easy. i also like to photoshop them because alot of them would have been in the trash if not for photoshop of some sort. i've also always visioned them on leggings. The art is unique and on leggings it makes my art even more unique than what they art on canvas and other art prints. i've had them all copy written and am working on a better logo. i have over 1000 pieces and even more patterns i have not made into finished products. i have only been happy with a few of them. which i've been told a lot of artists have the same problem. I have put poems on the back of a lot of them explaining there positions and power in there world. i've decided to name them MindCreaturez because that's where they were born, in my mind. i hope they get noticed because the ones i put out there are loved by all who see them. and the material that are putting them on is the top top of the line material. and guaranteed not to fade. So please check all my products out. thank you !



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