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Brisbane Australia

Kassi Gregory, Creative Artist, Graphic Designer, Animator and founder of Tigiris Illustration, has always been interested in pursuing a career in arts since she was little girl “I don't think my family have forgiving me for drawing all over them in industrial texture! I think at one stage my they plastered my bedroom wall with butcher's paper so I could continue to draw without destroying the interior of our home.” Kassi says.

After finishing Year 12, Kass was quick to pursue studies that enabled her express herself as an artist and completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Graphic Design. But, it wasn’t until a few years later when she was awarded a position to study 3-D animation in Brisbane that she felt most excited about her career.

She completed her studies in early 2015, and believes she has evolved as an artist and that it taught the skills and tools she needed to further develop her work and a new medium of storytelling. “With the advancements in technology in the animation industry, I am really excited about the future and aspire to become a part of a creative team who will further teach me to become the best artist I can be.”

In June 2014, Kassi and her alter ego Tigiris Illustrations, exhibited her original work at RAW, a worldwide, independent arts community. To me, my passion for art is like magic I love exploring and being experimental in all my artwork. Kassi said of her first exhibition experience, “It was truly inspiring to watch all my (art) pieces manifest into reality.” Kassi is a resourceful, innovative and committed Artist who has extensive experience working with composed painters, sculptors and 3D graphic designers.

As a true professional and motivated self-starter, she strives to create the highest quality experiences that appeal to a wide-ranging audience. At present, Kassi is involved in freehand drawing, digital painting, character design and creating storyboards. She is committed to her own personal development and maintains her technical knowledge by regularly attending design workshops, reviewing professional publications and participating in professional societies. Right now she would like to establish a career within a growing in a company that allows her to be express her creativity. With a love of being surrounded by creative people, Kassi volunteered at the Newcastle Community Art Center (NACA) before moving to Brisbane to undertake animation. “I felt the NACA was a wonderful place to grow and be nurtured as an artist.” Kass says. “I learnt a lot of wisdom from very supportive artists who have been in the industry for years.”
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