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Kate Carleton

Tampa, FL

I was born in Jackson, MS on October 15, 1986. When I was still a baby my parents moved with me in tow to Tampa, FL. After highschool I attended UWF in Pensacola, FL for a bit until I realized it wasn't right for me. I have currently graduated from HCC in Tampa, FL with an AA in Art Degree. I currently go to the University of Tampa and i plan to get a degree in Graphic Design so I can get a job doing what I love and still make a living. Everything needs degrees now a days. So until then I work a boring lame part-time job and do art in my free time and travel to conventions and any place that will let me sell my art. Currently my boyfriend, Josh Dykstra, and I have created a company called Naughty Bicycle where we produced our first comic Elephantastic. We plan to have some animations up in the near future and more comics! So I hope to see all my fans wherever I may be selling my art. And to sum me up here are a few things I love.... David Bowie, Labyrinth, Harry Potter, Snape, Twilight, True Blood, Star Wars, Wookies, Internet Videos, Comics, Scott Pilgrim, Kevin Smith, Disney, Jack Sparrow, Pirates, Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Art, Themeparks, Animals, Kitties & Puppies, Josh Dykstra, my dog Olive, Josh's dog Maebe and much more...


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