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Bowling Green, OH

I’m Kelsey L. Meyer and I work from a studio in Bowling Green, Ohio. I studied and received my BA in Art History in 2013 from Bowling Green State University. Even though I have a degree in Art History, I am a self-taught artist who has never taken a painting class! So, how did I become an artist? I began painting in 2013 at the age of 24 as a coping mechanism while I was struggling with my health and the diagnosis of a chronic autoimmune disease, Hashimotos. I started making art for myself, as a way of expressing myself and working through the stress of learning to navigate life with a chronic illness. Immediately, I was drawn to images of flowers, bright colors, and landscapes. Over the years, I began to incorporate digital art into my practice, taking photographs of flowers and landscapes and manipulating them to create my own, unique images.

After six years of painting and making digital art on my own, I began to see a distinct style develop in my work. I describe my style of artwork as bright, colorful, vibrant, free, quick, loud, and experiential. All adjectives which could also describe my personality! With a personality that is attracted to bright explosions of color, I make most of my pieces quickly. All of my digital art is created in one sitting and my paintings are often completed in less than a week. There are the few paintings I have set aside over the years to come back to, but the majority of my work is created and completed ‘in the moment’. For my paintings, I work primarily in acrylic and paint wet-on-wet, allowing no time to dry between layers. Most of my paintings are created using palette knives in order to create messy textures that jump off the canvas.

As an independent artist, all of my supplies are purchased on a strict budget. I don’t often buy name brand, and prefer to buy my supplies online or at my local craft store, with COUPONS! Ha! I don’t subscribe to the idea that an artist must use the highest grade, most expensive products in order to create beautiful and meaningful work. Art can be accessed and created by anyone, and that includes artists on a budget!

It is my goal as an artist to demystify the art world and open the door to all those who want to participate. The practice of creating and learning about art should be a space free from judgement, and it is my hope that I can create that space for my friends, family, and patrons. I still use art as an outlet for the stress of living with an autoimmune disease, but it has become more than that and has truly become my passion in life. I hope that my art, and my personality, encourages others to pick up a paintbrush, camera, or ball of clay and get creative! You can teach yourself to be an artist, at any age, any place, and on any budget !


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