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Kent Chua Is an independent self-taught artist born in Malaysia now living in New York. With his artistry passion and appreciation of life; he observe and inspire by every essence that bond us together. And his ability to visualize the world and amaze by the beauty within. By expressing love he shown the gateway from his details art works into the living art. Especially in his latest 2015 project "Astrology Self Transformation" . He travel his mind to experience on each signs elementarily and understand the meanings of each existence reflected the unique quality that tells life within its own characters. Kent Chua is able to share the inner most feelings in drawing to reveal and express on each signs in an artful way. He believe Imagination is a powerful transformation that enable us to experience every invention with significant,make ways to phenomenon. And his recent art work also show on the cover of the book " The New Wine".Arthur by Brian Karcher available @ Barnes And Noble and Amazon. Progression on each drawings search on Facebook " Kent Chua Paint Life With Love".

He believe in Love is Love ; the heritage nature to each human kind to live and love one another make him a humanitarian person and an active LGBT activist. In 2013 NYC Pride March he colored his hair in leopard print dress up in costume as a "Punker" with rainbow mohawk. Entitled the meaning of "The Leopard Does Not Change It's Spots, So Be True To Yourself ; And Trust Your Inner True Colors Like A Promising Rainbow That Never Fade Away. And at 2014 he worn an enormous large white wings show the meaning of "Peace And Love" as a "Pride Angel". With his creativity changing in images, his photos had gone viral on hundred of websites around 50 States of United State as "Gay Pride Parades Step Off United State" by Associated Press. And "Photo Of The Day" by Yahoo News and Business Insider posted around the world included USA ,UK, Australia,France, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, India... He also appeared on the "Best Photo Of The Year 2014" and on Pride month June 2014 issues as "Do Pride Like A Pro" on Time Out Magazine. And on news paper press @ New York times "A Gay Pride With Added Spring In Its Steps", Am News " Pride Of The Apple". He also appeared on HD Broadcast Live stream on Channel 7, 2014 Gay Pride Promo video and multiple times posted on online websites @ New York Magazine "The Cut", Business Insider, Chron, Seattlepi ,Times Union and San Francisco Gate. And other websites included Wall Street Journal, UK Daily Mail, Daily Braille UK, World Journal, Aol, MSN, CNN i report, CBS News, NBC News, CNS News, 7 online, Metro Us, Gay Star News, Village Voice, The Villager, New Now Next,, Togoto, getty image, Dream times, Corbis image, fashion clothing NYC TRIPP and other websites also ...
Thank You for visiting my websites! Hope you enjoy my art works "Live To Inspire And Be Inspired ". Happy purchase! - Kent Chua.

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