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Mystic Mudra was conceived from the idea that “life should be magical.” We understand this as children when everything is shiny, new and regarded with awe, yet somehow as adults the magic is lost. Life becomes difficult, practical and filled with things we simply don’t want to do!
The purpose of Mystic Mudra as a company, and this deck of tarot cards in particular, is to give practical healing advice in a fun and magical way. Think adult healthy play time…
There are many ways to use this deck. You can pick a few poses to do with your sun salutations for a quick stretch or build an entire practice to support the one or two poses drawn for the day. Alternatively, you can completely forget about the poses and use the cards for spiritual guidance and practical advice regarding what to eat, drink or even wear (color therapy).
For many yoga is a lifestyle, this was the original purpose of yoga which in actuality covers physical movement (the asanas), breath work, meditation and focus on the divine. With these cards it is easy to tap into your higher self and choose asanas, mantras and foods that will best support you on this particular day.
Many people may not be aware that the asanas were originally conceived and taught to the west as a secular practice. That is why there is so little mythology attached to individual poses. When creating this deck I meditated on each pose. What the chakras were doing, what shapes were being made with the body, where the struggle or release was and I attached them to the stories that came to me when I thought of these things. In places where poses were similar, or variations of each other, I did not feel that their differences were enough to warrant individual cards. Because of this they were combined onto a single card. If a card represents multiple poses you can choose to perform all of the variations listed or choose to practice the individual variation that is currently speaking to you.
Some of the work had already been done for me by other experts in the field and a few, such as poses named for animals, were easier than others. More often than not you will not find a connection between the poses and these stories in a google search. If anyone has any questions regarding the mythology or any other aspect please feel free to contact me.
All of the chakra and nutrition information is well documented and easy to find should you wish to expand on what is presented here. I have a background in nutrition, reiki, Chinese medicine and yoga and I believe that these different disciplines are most effectively used in conjunction. Thus, I have strived to include all of these elements when designing Mystic Mudra to help you in creating a healthier, happier life.
I hope you enjoy this yoga tarot. It was created to nourish the soul and bring a sense of fun into your daily routine.


Sherry Boxall
Mystic Mudra
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