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Sherri Godsey

Plano, Texas USA

Art is my special joy, digital art my creative expression of that joy. The horizon of my interests and curiosity is unbounded, which gives me an infinite selection of subject matter. That is both an exciting and a pleasant prospect! Casting about for ideas and choosing which style by which to produce an artistic design is quite fun. I have no complaints about the effort.
My background includes Archaeology, Geology, and the Environment--which draws my eye to those rich, science related topics. I also love the brightness and sweetness of vintage art, the beautiful simplicity of cave art, and the happiness in generating art focused on animals, both domestic and wild. As an artist, I love color and shapes and the bold application of both. Corel Painter is the tool by which I bring my artistic creations to life. My presence here is to validate my talent, extend my experience, and supplement my social security. May my efforts prove worthy of your time!
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