Art of Where
Nicole Whittaker photo

Nicole Whittaker

brisbane, queensland, australia

My inspiration comes from studying the beauty of nature around us. The intricate structure of a leaf, wind blowing through an open window or moon reflecting in the water, all creates the gorgeous harmony of our nature. I use mostly oil paints or digital mediums to create my art.

I use artrage to produce all my digital oil paintings.

ArtRage is designed to work like real painting and drawing tools, it can be used by almost anyone. The interface is easy to understand and gets out of the way while you are working so you don't spend time configuring panels when you could be painting. What's more, it's fun to smoosh around paint and blend colors right there on the canvas.

Art rage allows artists to paint just like they would using traditional methods so the buyer gets an original artwork that looks just like that artists preferred medium.


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