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Sonia Del Signore

Sonia was born in the medieval pittoresque town of Annecy, France. She was raised in Italy between the beautiful mountains and the beaches of Abruzzo until, at the age of 13, she and her family moved to Montreal, where she lives since 1978 to this day. As a little girl in Italy, she painted in the studio of her famous father, artist Littorio Del Signore, experimenting in different media and gaining experience under his watchful eye. This was a formative period in her life, and, though it was playful at the time, she was developing a passion that would not blossom until much later.
Her life path led her to study Fine Arts and later Fashion Design at LaSalle College. After graduation, she embarked upon a 13-year career in Fashion Design. But in 1999, realizing that time waits for no one, she decided to dedicate her life to pursuing her deepest passion: painting. Sonia's style is very personal. It is inspired by modern art (particularly Fauvism) and, although figurative, her work embraces many of the fundamental elements of abstraction. It is imbued with vivid and exotic colors, and her figures are striking in their sensual expressions.

Sonia describes her art as a "window to her ever-romantic soul," which "celebrates love, beauty and serenity, and through that, celebrates life itself."


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