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Soyracha Dragon

Los Angeles, California

Dragon Fashion Products Are Made In Montreal
372 Sainte-Catherine Street West
Studio #102
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H3B 1A2

Greetings From Dragon Fashion A New Member Of The Chamber!

My name is Dailey Pike, a photographer, filmmaker, comedian from Los Angeles. Soyracha Dragon is my alter-ego.

You can find out more about my background in entertainment here. http://Dailey.Live

My photography

My 2 million plus fans on Facebook

As you probably know, the Montreal chamber has a workshop called Developing the Art of Intelligent and Profitable Networking.

THIS opportunity for members of the chamber is Developing a Network for the Intelligent and Profitable Marketing of Art.

Let me explain. I produce art related fashion.

I joined the Montreal Chamber of Commerce because I'm looking for a retail strategic partner(s) in downtown Montreal. I wholesale and retail clothing and accessories for women and children, but my partner needn't be in the same business.

For example, a yoga/Pilates studio or a gym might carry my leggings and crop tops only. I will brand them with your company label. A tattoo shop might carry my pencil cases or beanies, a boutique my scarves, you see what I'm saying. I have over 10,000 SKUs and I invite you to take a look below. You can always get here by going to http://Dragon.Shopping or http://Dragon.Clothing

To be clear, this is my wholesale site. I want to partner as a wholesaler with a retailer(s) in Montreal. This site basically lists my inventory. It doesn't have the bells and whistles of my online store.

My retail site Dragon Fashion by soyracha is where you can see my apparel properly presented in all its artistic and educational glory. As I mentioned, there's over 10,000 SKUs. Please take a look.


Dragon Fashion features the "Greatest Designers Of All Time Available Nowhere Else"

Dragon Fashion clothing is literally "art you wear."

I'm no genius but I know being in the midst of several art museums is a big plus if you're selling art related items. We will market to tourists who will be new customers, in addition to your regular customers. We will be giving a reason for local potential new customers to visit you.

As your wholesaler, I will actively support your acquisition of customers. I am a Facebook Blueprint Certified marketing expert and will create ads, at my expense, to provide one click directions and/or phone calls to your shop. How good am I? 2,100,000 Facebook fans and counting.

As your wholesaler, I have tons of graphic/photo/video promo content to share with you my strategic partner like that in the links below. This is content you can embed on your own website. What you see there is only the tip of the iceberg.

A Dragon 360 Art Gallery
A Dragon 3D Art Gallery

In addition to online promo, as your wholesaler, I will create promo material you can print out for use in-store. I will even provide you a pre-loaded, sleek, digital product photo frame to use for in-store advertising.

Here's my photo/video/graphic resume.

Dragon can also do LIVE Facebook/Twitter/Periscope broadcasts ballyhooing the line and your store. You or a company rep could appear with Dragon if you like. It's always fun.

Space is precious and valuable in your store, this concept wouldn't even require that much room, a counter top or a corner for humble Dragon will do.

Being a polymath and a former public relations guy, I will work tirelessly, ceaselessly to make this succeed for both of us.

This opportunity will literally only cost you time and effort with the payoff being added value/profit to your business.

An additional opportunity exists for a "creative consultant" that can place the line in one of the major art museums in Montreal.

Another option is to sell the Dragon Fashion line itself in your store with the Dragon Fashion label, however, I am delighted to have your logo on my products as you will be when you see the quality.

To quote the inspirational meaningless, aphorism of The Black Eyed Peas, "Let's get it started. Let's get it started in here!"

My email, brothers & sisters, is



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