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Tanya Harrison


I have been interested in photography since I was very young. I remember saving up “points” from Scholastic book sales in elementary school in order to get my first little 110 point and shoot camera, which was fluorescent orange. Very stylish, eh?

In my other life I am an astronomer and planetary scientist, which I think explains why I am drawn to photographing the world in black and white during the day and in colour at night: To me the universe comes alive at night, when you can see the moon and stars and Milky Way overhead.

From a 40-year-old Hasselblad 500c to various 35mm film cameras to Canon DSLRs, I pick the tools based on the look I want to achieve. I like completely controlling the look of my images, and so I also develop the film and process the images myself, as well as printing them myself. Choosing the right film and the right paper for each photo and subject is a lot of fun.


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