Victor Boba photo

Victor Boba

Garner, NC

I create expressive and bold abstract paintings that depict energy and imagination. Working with paint allows me to fully engulf myself in creating something of permanence. I am driven to create something from nothing that wasn’t there before. Bold colors of darks and lights allow me to create energetic pieces. My creation process continues until I get to the point where I feel that I can’t make it any better. I typically do not have a specific inspiration for a piece I’m working on. I start with colors that come to me as just working for the piece at hand. When I get started the process starts to come to be intuitively and continues until it’s finished. I get into a zone and once in that zone I just enjoy the process until I step back and know in my gut that it’s finished.

Victor Boba grew up in Southern California in a middle-class family. Joined the Marine Corps at 21 and stayed in for 16 years. Once he learned how to write software on his own he took a chance and left the Marine Corps before retiring at the 20 year mark. The Marine Corps brought him to North Carolina in 1985 and he’s been there ever since. In 1999 he exited the Marine Corps and he, his wife, and three children moved to the Raleigh area and have been there ever since. Victor was introduced to abstract art by a coworker in 2011. It has been a journey of self-discovery in improving his artwork ever since.


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