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Chanel Baran - Visionary Photographic Art

Cairns, Australia

VISIONARY PHOTOGRAPHIC CREATRIX | WORLD TRAVELER | FESTIVAL LOVER | FACE & BODY PAINTING ARTIST | POSITIVITY AMBASSADOR | I believe I live in a constant state of bliss, because my creativity fuels my happiness and my happiness then refuels my creativity, it is an endless cycle of positive energy. I like to then channel this energy into my photography, my art my life and my being. I am a travelling Freelance Visionary Photographer & Empowered Goddess Entrepreneur. I specialize in Ceremonial, Portraiture, Empowering Goddess & God, Fashion, Pregnancy, Family, Wedding, Music and Event Photography. I am currently based and operating from my home town of Cairns, Australia.

Website - WWW.CHANELBARAN.COM Instagram - @you.are.divine



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