Drop Shipping for your Big Cartel store

Big Cartel is a powerful online store platform that was developed specifically with artists in mind. To date, you can set up a completely free Big Cartel online store with up to 5 products. For larger stores, Big Cartel only charges a flat rate subscription per month and they don't lose a percentage each time you make a sale. Use our integration with Big Cartel to seamlessly link products created on Art of Where to you Big Cartel store (or the other way around) and you can build or expand your store easily. Our Big Cartel integration is 100% free to use so growing your usiness is as easy as create, post, and sell!

All-in-one Drop Shipping

3D Design Labs

Create as many products as you want in our realistic, 3D Design Labs.


Create listings on your online store using the models.

No inventory

We make all products on demand. You never commit to inventory that may or may not sell.

Headache free shipping

We do all the shipping for you, from Canada and the USA so your orders arrive quickly and without surprise fees.

Build your brand from day one

Branding your clothing is as simple as uploading your label and adding it to your drop ship orders. We'll keep label on file and include it every time you order.

Customized packaging

Tell your customers you care and communicate directly with your buyer. We offer Artist Cards designed by you included inside your packages, and stickers to brand your packaging on the outside.

3 Step Quality Control

We check your product at various stages during production to make sure the print and construction adheres to our standards.

Art of Where products for drop shipping

All of Art of Where’s unique products are available for drop ship and order fulfilment. Our products are unique on the web and are designed to be versatile and affordably priced for resellers. From fringe kimonos to wood prints, we are sticklers for quality and the best raw ingredients combined with the latest print and production tech.


Leggings, Capris, Skirts, Dresses, Shorts, Athletic Crop Tops, Kimonos, Beanies, Tank tops, Baby leggings, Youth Leggings


5 sizes


5 sizes
3 fabric options

Wall Art

Posters, art prints,
canvases, wood prints

Device Cases

iPhone, Samsung Galaxy


Pencil case, headband


Day tote


Swatches, quarters and by meter

Art of Where integrates with other platforms

Have another store? Art of Where integrates with other platforms so you can easily fulfill orders from multiple sources.

Shopify Big Cartel Etsy

Branding options

Your brand labels

Take your art to a whole new level by branding your line of clothing and home decor items with your label.

Your brand cards

Printed on sturdy card stock, it's a finishing touch that your customers will want to hold onto.

Your brand stickers

Now your customer can identify your brand before they even open the package! The ultimate in brand recognition.

Thoughtful packaging

As you browse the web for inspiration, you'll notice just how important packaging is. We fold all clothing items during packaging and all fine art items are packaged to conserve integrity during transit.