Drop Shipping and Order Fulfillment

Drop Shipping is also known as order fulfillment. We at Art of Where define drop shipping as a collaboration between ourselves as the manufacturer and artists to produce a high-end product that the artist resells.

How it works?

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Benefits of Drop Shipping

No inventory

Never carry inventory nor deal with overstock. With our low turnaround times, normally 2-4 days for production, your customer receives your product quickly.

Artwork security

We know that your artwork and designs are valuable to you, so we prefer to handle all production ourselves. We never transfer your artwork to outside manufacturers, unlike other print on demand companies.

Easy mockups

Use the mockups created by our Design Labs as the product images for your store listings. This way, you can create a product line or test new artwork without investing in actual products.

Better profit for you

Instead of selling through another website on commission, drop ship through your own online store, Etsy shop, or Shopify site and control your profits.

Easy to order

Our online ordering system accepts multiple drop ship orders to various addresses in a single transaction.

Worldwide shipping

We ship from Canada and the USA so your Canadian and American customers almost never have to pay surprise duties or customs fees.

Expand your product line

Offer your customers new items featuring your artwork. We release new products month to month so your product line can grow as we do.

Build your brand

Artists need brands too! We provide options such as printed labels to customize your order and brand your artwork and product lines.

Drop Ship account

How to set up a Drop Ship account with Art of Where


Screenshot of signup page

Setting up your drop ship account is easy. First Create an Account with us.


Screenshot of account navigation

Once you are logged into your account, you will see a menu on the left-hand side of your account screen. One of the options on this menu will be Sign up for Wholesale and Drop Ship.


Screenshot of how to sign up for drop ship

Since we are entering into an agreement together there are terms to agree to. Once enabled, you will have access immediately to all drop ship pricing and options.

You will be able to upload a custom label and artist card to add to all your orders as well to further customize how your client receives their orders. Find more information regarding packaging and customization

Create an account

For any questions regarding drop shipping, order fulfillments, and collaborating with Art of Where, please contact us.

What is Drop Shipping?

We believe that an artist knows their fan base better than anyone so we empower the artist with products at a price point and quality that can be resold.

The way the manufacturing chain works is the artist makes sales via their own methods (ex. Etsy, Shopify commerce, Big Cartel, online store, direct sales in their community), then uses Art of Where to fulfill the order.

We make and ship the product directly to the end customer (the artist’s customer).

With new additions like custom labels and Artist Cards that can be included in any order, Art of Where is changing how artists can sell to their audience.

Why Artists?

Art of Where grew around the love of art, sewing, machines that do amazing things, and the artistic community. We believe that art looks great on walls but can be equally great when printed onto well-made products using the latest technologies in printing and manufacturing.

Mannequin torso

We don’t work exclusively with artists of course! Fashion designers, marketers, photographers, and countless others have benefited from our full-service products. Everything that Art of Where does is handled in-house, from printing, to cutting, sewing, and shipping.

We understand the quality that artists look for in a print and finished product, as well as what artists, expect of customer service, special requests, artwork security, packaging, and everything else that goes into a collaboration.