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Drop Shipping for Etsy

As of October 2013, Etsy allowed sellers in the Etsy community to work with outside manufacturers to help translate your designs onto products. They also allowed sellers to use outside shipping or fulfillment services for a product line. Etsy stipulates that as the seller, you remain responsible for your buyer’s experience while working with an outside manufacturer. Read more about adding manufacturers like us to your Etsy store

Without the need to hold inventory, and the ability to create product listings from a mockup without requiring a photo shoot, drop shipping has many benefits when growing your line and expanding your store.

This type of service where your artwork and products are produced and shipped by another person or company is commonly referred to as drop shipping or order fulfillment. Art of Where drop ships worldwide all of the products on our website. From art prints to leggings, pillows, kimonos, phone cases, fabrics, and accessories, we offer the ability for artists and Etsy sellers to expand their product line or delve into new mediums with very low risk.

Find out more about the benefits of drop shipping and how Etsy sellers are already profiting from drop shipping with Art of Where.

Art of Where manufactures with artists in mind. Our products are designed to be versatile and appeal to a range of audiences.

Our prices are designed for reselling and our drop ship and order fulfillment services are tailored to one at a time ordering. For artists with a solid idea of their sales volume and fan base, we also offer great wholesale pricing at a quantity of only 6 pieces. Our custom labels help artists further their branding and we also offer custom printed Artist Cards, like a business card, that can be included with every shipment.

Our custom labels help artists further their branding and we also offer custom printed Artist Cards, like a business card, that can be included with every shipment.

Since Art of Where came into being, our sole intent has been to produce products using the best quality materials that artists and other resellers would be proud to have their artwork printed onto. We are very excited for this update in Etsy Marketplace rules and look forward to helping Etsy Artists expand their product lines.

Find the Etsy guide to adding outside manufacturers to your store here. For a complete guide to the Etsy Marketplace and information for Sellers and shop owners, browse Etsy Help.

Below is information that will help you apply to have us included us a manufacturer on your Etsy Store. All photos found on this page or on our website may be used in your application. Please contact us if there's anything else you need.

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What Art of Where does

Art of Where is a high-quality manufacturer that produces products on-demand printed with submitted designs and artwork. We are proud to say that all of our products are produced in-house by us. Not a single product is outsourced. Why? So we can control the quality of the items we make.

Producing well-made products and being a company that artists trust with their artwork is our highest priority. Also, since no artwork that you submit ever leaves our studios, we keep safe your artwork from any unauthorized reproduction. We ship from both Canada using Canada Post and the USA with USPS to domestic and international customers. We pride ourselves in sourcing great raw ingredients locally whenever possible and maintaining a high level of standards in all areas of our company.

Picture of a girl preparing printed product

How Art of Where came
into being

Art of Where was started in 2010 by 2 creative minds with very different skills. Joey is the numbers man and visionary with a passion for artwork that ceaselessly drives Art of Where. Kate loves making things and creating custom items that can mean more to someone than something off the shelf. Both Joey and Kate love working with artists and couldn't think of any better way to spend the days than printing artwork on well-made items, which is good because the days can be long. We are happy to have the problem of requiring more and more staff to help keep up with demand and production. Product development, maintaining quality, and seeking out new technologies and specialized machines to further expand our product line to keep up with the ever-changing world and are what we focus on day-to-day.

Picture of a mannequin torso

Where we are
in the World

Art of Where is located in the heart of downtown Montreal. Our huge windows look out onto busy St. Catherine Street where there is always something interesting going on. We love the vibe and energy of our building called the Belgo which is one of the most unique buildings in Montreal, full of art galleries. We have an open door policy; feel free to drop by if you are in the area!

Picture of a girl sewing a custom printed product

Our Company
and Structure

As of 2016, we are a team of over 20 people. Since it's pretty much impossible to find someone who has previously worked with the type of machines that we have in our studio, we provide full training on our equipment and employees are encouraged to expand their skill set. We encourage our staff to be hands-on and each order is filled with an attention to detail that comes from a team that works well together. Many of our staff members have their own Etsy shops or personal brands, which is why we treat every product that we make as if it were our own.

Picture of a machine making the fabric

Our Machines and Materials

Probably our favorite thing about our studio is our machines. We have everything from embroidery machines to specialized sewing machines and top-of-the-line printers including the only natural fabric printer in all of Canada. With our equipment, we can print almost any image on natural or synthetic fabrics, and customize any product to different specifications.
Our fabrics and materials are locally sourced whenever possible. Our zippers are manufactured in Montreal and our stretch fabrics are knitted by one of the only textile mills in Canada. Our sublimation processes use water based dyes instead of solvents. We are constantly on the lookout for new suppliers that can provide us with the right balance of quality and sustainability for our fabrics and products. We are also developing a plan scheduled to launch in 2016 to be a zero waste company which means all of our waste like misprints and off cuts will be recycled into other fiber products like stuffing.

Picture of art prints

Quality Control

Our mantra is to always pay attention to the details. We have spent countless hours and long nights dedicated to color profiling and obsessing over how to get the perfect prints. Fabrics have gone through vigorous testing before we add them to our fabric printing lineup or use them for our products. Consistency is important to us. Your product will go through 2 quality checks before it is shipped; one check after it comes out of the production line and another check before it is packaged. Fabric prints are scrutinized as they come off the printer and when requested, we can compare your print with your artwork. While there are limitations in what our machines can do which you may read about in our FAQ, we strive to attain the best prints possible with the technology we have at hand.

Picture of personalized iPhone cases

Customizing your Etsy orders

Art of Where offers many different options to customize your drop ship or Etsy orders and make it look like its coming straight from you. All clothing items can have your custom label sewn inside the item. Pillows will have the custom label sewn on the outside of the case for your customer to see. Custom labels are currently free of charge on all wholesale orders and only a 1$ to add to drop ship orders.
Further to custom labels, Art of Where also offers artist cards that can be included in any order. An artist card is like a business card and can be used to talk directly to your customer. All artist cards are free to add and we print them especially for your order each time.
One important thing to know about our packaging is that we will never ship a drop ship item with an invoice to confuse your customer. The only packages that may have value information are international packages that require a customs declaration. This value information will be based on the drop ship price of the item so you can explain it to your customer as a reduced value.

Find more information regarding packaging and customizing, please read up on this page.

A few more details

How many people are involved in printing your items at each facility, and what are their roles?

We divide our production process into 4 sections: printing, pressing, sewing and shipping. For printing and pressing we have teams of 2-3 people on at a time, and for sewing the team is about 4-5 people per shift. Shipping takes a team of 3. All staff members are responsible for quality control and inspecting items as they pass through the production line. We are huge on communication. It takes all our teams working together to make everything happen with the level of quality that we expect.

Where is each printing facility located—as opposed to the location of each company's business office?

Everything is done from our studio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada from printing to cutting, pressing, sewing, shipping, as well as customer service and web development.

What printing processes does each of your partners use to create your items?

What equipment is used? We print our fabrics with both a sublimation process (on synthetics) and a digital pigment printing on natural fabrics. All prints are heat set for durability. We have various printers including Epson and Mutoh makes. Our heat presses are manufactured in the USA by a family owned company. Our stretch textiles are knit on computerized circular looms in Montreal by a company whom we work closely with.

What types of inks/dyes and substrates are used?

Solvent free sublimation inks. Information about all of our substrates (fabrics) can be found on our fabric information page.
Read more about fabric printing

What are the environmental aspects surrounding production (for example, by-products, waste disposal.)?

We generate both paper waste from our sublimation which is recycled by a local facility (Kruger) as well as fabric waste, from misprints or faulty items, that is either recycled or donated to a local woman's shelter. Our pigment inks are water based and are safe for children and the environment (no disposal concerns).

Do your partners have any certifications worth noting (for example, FSC, Green Press Initiative, etc.)?

At the moment, none of our processes require certification (there is nothing available). However, our legging fabric has been certified by an independent lab as safe for children and containing no harmful toxins. The certificate for this can be found here. Link to certificate