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Design Guidelines and Product Dimensions

In order to get the best out of your product, it is important to know the dimensions and resolutions at which to design your artwork to maximize it's visual quality. Below you will find the information needed to design your products, including the measurements of each product and the resolution at which the design labs function.

warningArtofWhere does not check each product print file before your product is made.  Please make sure your artwork is properly sized when creating your custom products or the product print result may be pixelated or low quality.  It is not possible for us to reprint and remake an order due to incorrect artwork resolution.

You may need to effect some changes to your high-resolution file to achieve these dimensions, like cropping your original artwork.

If your design is based on a photograph, many factors will come into play in the final quality of your image. The megapixels of your camera will determine the quality of your image, as will how steady a hand you have when taking the photograph!

If you are working with a scanned image, the resolution at which you scan your image will vary depending on the extent of your scanners resolution and the size you intend your photograph to be.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the default mock up is for clothing is a size large. Any important design elements, logos, or writing, can be cut off if the placement is too close to the outer edges, or seams, when the garment is sized down. Please contact us if you are concerned about design placement.

Product Dimensions

The measurements of your artwork will vary depending on what product you are designing for. The resolution of your artwork will make a difference in the appearance of your final product. Please take into account the resolution at which you are outputting your design when you are saving it. Each design lab is unique and works according to different specifications. We've included the measurement of each product based on it's unique template, so you can set up your image size to reflect those measurements. Follow the guidelines below:

Product Size in Pixels Size in Inches DPI
Leggings3325px x 6358px for one leg22.2" x 42.4" for one leg150
Lounge Pants4646px x 6510px for one leg
2525px x 2115px for one pocket
5029px x 259px for the elastic
31" x 43.4" for one leg
16.8" x 14.1" for one pocket
33.5" x 1.7" for the elastic
Pullover Hoodie1500px x 1800px for one side10" x 12" for one side150
Long Sleeve T-Shirt1800px x 2400px for one side12" x 16" for one side150
Crewneck Sweatshirt1800px x 2400px for one side12" x 16" for one side150
Scoop Bralette2448px x 1953px for the front and the back
5256px x 260px for the elastic
16.3" x 13" for the front and the back
35" x 1.7" for the elastic
Racerback Tank Top1463px x 1950px for one side9.8" x 13" for one side150
Unisex Tee1800px x 2400px for one side12" x 16" for one side150
Women's Tee (B+C 6004)1800px x 2400px for one side12" x 16" for one side150
Yoga Leggings3324px x 5476px for one leg
and 4714px x 1586px for the band
22.2" x 36.5" for one leg
and 31.4" x 10.6" for the band
Capris3335px x 5067px for one leg22.2" x 33.8" for one leg150
Yoga Capris3318px x 4261px for one leg
and 4699px x 1582px for the band
22.1" x 28.4" for one leg
and 31.3" x 10.5" for the band
Mini Shorts2807px x 2126px for the front and
2637px x 1903px for the back.
18.7" x 14.2" for the front and
17.6" x 12.7" for the back.
Shorts2867px x 2319px for the front/back
and 450px x 1510px for the gusset
19.1" x 15.5" for the front/back
and 3" x 10.1" for the gusset
Flare Skirt5379px x 3664px for one side of the skirt35.9" x 24.4" for one side of the skirt150
Boxer Briefs849px x 1134px for the front
5070px x 2296px for the back
1927px x 660px for the gusset
5061px x 259px for the elastic
5.7" x 7.6" for the front
33.8" x 15.3" for the back
12.8" x 4.4" for the gusset
33.7" x 1.7" for the elastic
Boyshorts2648px x 1568px for the front
2687px x 1719px for the back
1092px x 442px for the gusset
5029px x 259px for the elastic
17.7" x 10.5" for the front
17.9" x 11.5" for the back
7.3" x 2.9" for the gusset
33.5" x 1.7" for the elastic
Cheeky Briefs1191px x 1478px for the front
3982px x 1538px for the back
5029px x 259px for the elastic
7.9" x 9.9" for the front
26.5" x 10.3" for the back
33.5" x 1.7" for the elastic
Wrap Skirt7960px x 7998px53.1" x 53.3"150
Fitted Skirt2814px x 3197px for one side of the skirt18.8" x 21.3" for one side of the skirt150
Flare Dress5287px x 5521px for one side of the dress35.2" x 36.8" for one side of the dress150
Bodycon Dress3229px x 5499px for one side of the dress21.5" x 36.7" for one side of the dress150
Loose Tank Top3185px x 4101px for one side21.2" x 27.3" for one side150
Fitted Tank Top2803px x 4140px for one side18.7" x 27.6" for one side150
Athletic Crop Top2652px x 2673px for one side of the crop top17.7" x 17.8" for one side of the crop top150
Baby Leggings1998px x 3517px for one leg13.3" x 23.4" for one leg150
Beanie3603px x 1758px24" x 11.7"150
Youth Leggings4916px x 5149px for one leg32.8" x 34.3" for one leg150
Kimono RobeFront (one part): 3902px x 5095px
Back: 6551px x 4967px
Front (one part): 26" x 34"
Back: 43.7" x 33.1"
Draped KimonoFront (one part): 5247px x 4806px
Back: 6003px x 4016px
Front (one part): 35" x 32"
Back: 40" x 26.8"
PeignoirFront (one part): 4814px x 6299px
Back: 8852px x 6291px
Front (one part): 32.1" x 42"
Back: 59" x 41.9"
Home Decor
Product Size in Pixels Size in Inches DPI
Holiday Stocking2149px x 2874px for the stocking
1540px x 1120px for the foldover
14.3" x 19.2" for the stocking
10.3" x 7.5" for the foldover
Tea Towel2850px x 4200px19" x 28"150
Bed Pillow Sleeve5250px x 6150px (Standard)
6750px x 6150px (King)
35" x 41" (Standard)
45" x 41" (King)
Bed Pillow Sham4050px x 3150px (Standard)
5550px x 3150px (King)
27" x 21" (Standard)
37" x 21" (King)
Wall Tapestry15900px x 13500px106" x 90"150
Duvet Cover10500px x 13500px (Twin)
12150px x 12150px (Double/Full)
13500px x 13500px (Queen)
15900px x 13800px (King)
70" x 90" (Twin)
81" x 81" (Double/Full)
90" x 90" (Queen)
106" x 92" (King)
18" x 18" Pillow Case2850px x 2850px19" x 19"150
22" x 22" Pillow Case3450px x 3450px23" x 23"150
24" x 12" Pillow Case3750px x 1950px25" x 13"150
20" x 14" Pillow Case3150px x 2250px21" x 15"150
26" x 20" Pillow Case4050px x 3150px27" x 21"150
Product Size in Pixels Size in Inches DPI
Long Scarf10800px x 2400px72" x 16"150
Square Scarf7500px x 7500px50" x 50"150
Product Size in Pixels Size in Inches DPI
Pencil Case1502px x 754px pour un côté de l'étui10" x 5" pour un côté de l'étui150
Makeup Bag2551px x 1679px for one side of the makeup bag17" x 11.2" for one side of the makeup bag150
Headband3150px x 1800px21" x 12"150
Zipper Carry-all2778px x 1900px for each side of the pouch18.5" x 12.7" for each side of the pouch150
Face CoveringFront: 1998px x 1102px
Back: 1108px x 1107px
Front: 13.3" x 7.3"
Back: 7.4" x 7.4"
Double Knit Face Covering2085px x 1131px13.9" x 7.5"150
Product Size in Pixels Size in Inches DPI
Tote Bag2658px x 2900px for one side of the tote bag17.7" x 19.3" for one side of the tote bag150
Large Tote Bag5681px x 3321px37.9" x 22.1"150
Day Tote3146px x 5766px (twice) for the inside/outside of the bag21" x 38.4" (twice) for the inside/outside of the bag150
Origami Tote6150px x 6150px41" x 41"150
Wall Art
RatioIn inchesIn pixels
1:1*24' x 24'*7200px x 7200px*
3:2*30' x 20'*9000px x 6000px*
4:3*32' x 24'*9600px x 7200px*
-----8' x 10'2400px x 3000px
-----11' x 14'3300px x 4200px
-----16' x 20'4800px x 6000px
-----20' x 24'6000px x 7200px

* Those ratios can be sized down, but the specified sizes are the biggest available since your artwork must display correctly up to those sizes.

Product Size in Pixels Size in Inches DPI
· Cover: 4650px x 3075px
· First Page: 2250px x 3075px

· Cover: 3300px x 2625px
· First Page: 1575px x 2625px
· Cover: 15.5" x 10.3"
· First Page: 7.5" x 10.3"

· Cover: 11" x 8.8"
· First Page: 5.3" x 8.8"
Spiral Notebook4650px x 3075px15.5" x 10.3"300
Product Size in Pixels Size in Inches DPI
Stationery CardPortrait :
3300px X 2400px
Landscape :
2400px X 3300px
Portrait :
11" X 8"
Landscape :
8" X 11"

Colour Space

The colour system associated with each printer is different. When printing on alternative products, there are unavoidable differences in the colour outcome of all products. Even with the use of Pantone colour charts you will never get an exact match when viewing the final product. Many factors affect these variances, including when we heat set or heat press the inks into the product. Saving all artwork at the standard RGB (Adobe RGB 1998) will work great for all artwork.

If you are unsure about how colours will translate on your product, pre-printed fabric swatches or swatches of your own design are available for purchase here.