Design Guidelines and Product Dimensions

In order to get the best out of your product, it is important to know the dimensions and resolutions at which to design your artwork to maximize it's visual quality. Below you will find the information needed to design your products, including the measurements of each product and the resolution at which the design labs function. You may need to effect some changes to your high-resolution file to achieve these dimensions, like cropping your original artwork.  

If your design is based on a photograph, many factors will come into play in the final quality of your image. The megapixels of your camera will determine the quality of your image, as will how steady of hand you have when taking the photograph! If you are working with a scanned image, the resolution at which you scan your image will vary depending on the extent of your scanners resolution and the size you intend your photograph to be.  

Very Important!  ArtofWhere does not check each product print file before your product is made.  Please make sure your artwork is properly sized when creating your custom products or the product print result may be pixelated or low quality.  It is not possible for us to reprint and remake an order due to incorrect artwork resolution.  

Product Dimensions

The measurements of your artwork will vary depending on what product you are designing for. Set up your image size to reflect the measurements of each unique product. In your photo editing software, you may want to design your image taking into account the size of your design in pixels. We've also included the measurement of each product based on it's unique template.

*These measurements are for one leg or one side of the skirt.
Leggings :  3325x6358
Capris : 3200x5150
Fitted Skirt : 2600x3350
Flare skirt : 5506x3919
Beanie : 3603x1758
Device Cases
iPhone 4 / 4S : 1033x1606
iPhone 5 / 5S : 1033x1606
iPhone 6 : 1033x1606
iPad mini: 1772x2657
Samsung Galaxy S3 : 1098x1742
Samsung Galaxy S4 : 1098x1742
Samsung Galaxy S5 : 1122x1795
Pencil case : 1502x754 (one side of the pencil case)
Velveteen Pillows
18x18 pillow : 5400x5400
22x22 pillow : 6600x6600
Silk Scarves
Long Scarf(16x72) : 2400x10800
Square Scarf(26x26) : 3900x3900
Big Square Scarf(36x36) : 5400x5400
*These measurements are for one side of the dress 
BodyCon: 3016x5407
Flare: 5085x5443 

Resolution for Design Lab

When you are setting up your artwork in a photo editing software, the resolution of your saved artwork will make a difference in the appearance of your final product. Please take into account the resolution at which you are outputting your design when you are saving it. Each design lab is unique and works according to different specifications. Follow the guidelines below:

Pillows: 150dpi

Printed Fabric, Scarves: 150dpi

Leggings, capris, skirts, dresses : 150dpi

Device cases: 300dpi


Template Measurements

iPhone 4/4s and 5/5s: 3.5" by 5.3" (8.75cm x 13.6cm)

Samsung Galaxy Devices: 3.6" by 5.7" (9.3cm x 14.6cm)

Leggings and capris: 20" by 43"

Skirts: 18.5" by 22"

Pencil cases: 10" by 5" (finished product is 9" x 4")

18inch pillow: 19.7" by 18.7"

22inch pillow: 22.4 " by 23.6 " 


Colour Space

The colour system associated with each printer is different. When printing on alternative products, there are unavoidable differences in the colour outcome of all products. Even with the use of Pantone colour charts you will never get an exact match when viewing the final product. Many factors affect these variances, including when we heat set or heat press the inks into the product. Saving all artwork at the standard RGB will work great for all artwork. Our pigment printer has a colour space of CMYK, so when ordering fabric you can design and save and upload artwork using this colour space. If you are unsure about how your colours will translate on your product, you have the option of ordering swatches of your own design when it comes to fabric printing. We also have pre-printed fabric swatches that are available upon request. *fabric swatches subject to availability.