with Art of Where

order 6 items at approximately 65% of the retail price

Wholesale in a New Way

Art of Where takes a new view on wholesale. Most companies require that you purchase larger and larger quantities to reach different price breaks or to receive the best prices on items. At Art of Where, we know that it is not always in an artist's budget to commit to large quantities of one item design. We choose instead to offer our lowest prices at a minimum of 6 items per size per design. Regardless of whether you purchase 100 pieces or 6, our prices remain consistent.

Benefits of Wholesale

Art of Where encourages artists to use our services in one of three ways.

Artists may:

1 Open a store on Art of Where

Design products free of charge featuring personal artwork, and then direct their fans to the store to generate sales. Artists receive a 25% commission on every sale. Art of Where handles all production and shipping of products worldwide and pays out commission to the artist once per week.

2 Drop Ship with us

This will earn more money than simply selling by commission. Many Art of Where artists have personal storefronts or use sites like Etsy to sell their artwork. By drop shipping with us, an artist can easily increase the products they offer and expand their client base. Drop shipping means the artist sells directly to their customer on the external site/store, places the product order through the Art of Where drop shipping order cart, then we make and ship the product to the end user. The profit margin is set by the artist meaning the artist decides how much to sell the product for above the amount that Art of Where charges for the drop ship product. The artist also handles all customer service and deals directly with their customer. Drop shipping has almost no risk; the artist can "stock" their store using our great product mockups with no need to buy inventory before making a sale.

Read more about drop shipping

3 Wholesale with us

By wholesaling, artists earn the highest profit margin on the products they sell. Wholesaling is for artists who already operate their own storefront or Etsy store and have a good idea of how many items they will sell of a certain product. Wholesale is also designed for artists who sell in their local communities and need products on hand to stock a store or market. Art of Where only requires an artist to purchase 6 items of one design to qualify for wholesale pricing.

Wholesale means:

  • You make more money than on commission sites
  • Reach your customers directly and build relationships
  • Order as few as 6 products and pay approximately 65% of the suggested retail price
  • Carry low inventory; order products as you need them
  • Lower cost for shipping per product