Art of Where and Shopify

Drop Shipping for your Shopify store

Sync with Shopify for seamless production

Art of Where now provides a seamless way to sync your Shopify store and automatically fulfill your drop ship orders as your products sell. Easily send your product pics and information to your Shopify storefront, edit listings, track your orders as they go through our production line, and automatize your payments. Whether you are opening a new Shopify store or adding products to your existing store, Art of Where makes it easy to set up, expand, and grow. Follow the steps below to sync up with us and make drop shipping even easier.

That's all! Need help? Get in touch and we will work it out together.

Easy to set up!

Start here


Log in and go to the bottom of the left hand menu.

Art of Where and Shopify

Click on the blue button to connect your Shopify store

Art of Where and Shopify

We will take you to Shopify to confirm the installation. You will be asked to login, then you will see the following screen. Click Install App.

Art of Where and Shopify

Voilà! Our app is installed!

You should now see your Shopify - AoW dashboard. From here, you will sync products, track orders and set up automatic payments.

Art of Where and Shopify

Sync your products and collections

Click the sync icon and we'll do the rest. You can sync single products or a whole collection at once. The product images, descriptions, size and color options wil automatically appear in your Shopify store. You can then edit all prices and options as you like.

Art of Where and Shopify

Set up your shipping prices

To keep things simple, we charge your shipping cost based on your order total. This makes it easy to set up your Shopify shipping costs the same as us since Shopify allows you to set rates by price.

Art of Where and Shopify

Automatic or manual payments

Automatic payments means your orders go straight into production as they come in.
Manual payments requires you to log in and pay before orders begin processing.

Art of Where and Shopify

That's it!

Keep track of all your sales and see where they are in the production queue. Don't forget to set your custom labels and artist cards to add automatically to all your Shopify orders.

End of How-to