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My customer received a product and doesn’t like it. What do I do?

The best way to prevent your customer from not liking the product is by managing expectations. What does this mean? It means that your listings on your store should be accurate and complete so your customer knows what they are buying. If you using our mockups for your listings with no photos, make sure it is clear in the listing what the fabric is, what the fit is like, and that the final product may not be exactly like the model.

We always suggest having a few real photos, even if it’s of a different design. You are welcome to use any photos or descriptions from our website to help create your product listings. It is also very important to price your products accordingly. We suggest retail prices on our pricing page. If your selling price is much higher than this, your customers may have unreal expectations about what they are buying. Always make sure your listings are accurate and detailed.

Also, it is very important to make sure your artwork is properly set up to prevent issues with print quality. Please refer to our design guidelines and faqs for verifying your artwork files.

If your customer is not happy with their purchase, verify with them first the details of the item they bought. Some customers purchase on impulse and experience buyers remorse. In this case, they will pick apart an item unfairly simply because they feel they overspent. We suggest contacting us before issuing a refund and explaining the situation. In most cases, custom printed products are not refundable. We will be able to suggest ways to resolve tricky customer issues.