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Creating your product listings

There are many ways that you can create store listings. We give you all the tools to make adding products as simple as possible.

In most cases with our app integrations, you are connecting existing listings in your online store with the product you created on AOW. Once you match your listing to our product, we are able to fulfill your orders automatically. In the case of Shopify, we are actually able to make it even easier for you by sending the description, variants, and images to create the listing in your store.

Your product listings are important. Your customer is purchasing from you based on the information in the listing so you want to provide as many details as possible.

Here’s an example of a listing on Etsy and where we found all the information:

Images: Probably the most important part of your listing. You can either use our 3D models as your listing images, or as some of our artists prefer, you may purchase an item and photograph it for the listing instead. Some people do a combination of using the models, and including real photos. If you would like to place a large sample order, get in touch with us and we may be able to provide a discount on your first sample order.

Description: We have provided you with copy/paste product descriptions so you can easily list the features of our products. You can edit the descriptions to work for your listings.

Materials: The materials used in each product are listing in our copy/paste product descriptions. Shipping price: We list shipping prices for each of our products on the shipping page. Depending on the platform you are working with, shipping will be set up differently for each shopping cart. Etsy asks you to create shipping profiles and apply them to each product listing you create. Shopify asks you to create shipping prices off of the cart total or weight of each item. Get to know how shipping is set up on the platform you are selling on. We delve further into shipping set up in our individual integration guides.

Artwork Story: The Etsy listing guide encourages you to not only talk about the features of your products, but also tell the story behind them. Talk about how you were inspired to create this piece of art that is now a pair of leggings, or talk about the process to make it. We can’t do this part for you :) Your story is what makes you and your brand unique. Finding a way to tell your story is essential to the success your product line.