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Who is responsible for problems associated with a drop ship order?

We have a 3 step quality control process for all of our products. It works by:

  1. Checks made at the printing stage: After the artwork is printed, we check for an even ink transfer as well as any flaws in the print. Any pieces with flaws are sent back to be reprinted.
  2. Checks made at the prep stage: Once printed, the item must go to prep where it is prepared for sewing. The preppers give the print a once over as they prepare the item. If a flaw is found, the item is reprinted.
  3. Checks made after sewing: Once sewn, the item is still inside out and is sent to QC. The QC’ers take sewn items and flip them the right side out. When they do this, they look for any sewing concerns as well as print flaws. They stretch the leggings to make sure the stitching is holding up . Once happy with the item, they pass it onto the packagers.
  4. Packaging: The packagers are our final defense for quality control. They check that the correct label is sewn into the product as well as the overall quality of the final product. If it passes their trained eyes, the item will be packaged and sent.

Since we work as the manufacturer, it is the artist who handles the direct customer service with their client. If the artist is unable to resolve the issue, we are here to help out. We resolve issues on a case by case basis in accordance with our policies. We tackle some customer service related questions here. For any situation you need help with, please get in touch with our customer service.