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What is drop shipping or order fulfillment?

Drop shipping or order fulfilment is a service where we make on demand printed products for an artist (our customer) and ship them directly to the artist's client (the end user). We streamline the production process and make it as hands-off for the artist as possible. Art of Where is the production studio working directly for the artist in both the creation of the product and shipping to the client. Artists who use drop shipping services generally have or are building their own customer base. They benefit from knowing their customers and the price point that their artwork sells for. As the maker, Art of Where is responsible for a quality, re-sellable product made well and shipped quickly.

There’s many reasons why Art of Where is growing in popularity with artists looking into offering printed products.

  1. Vibrant prints and great raw materials: At Art of Where we strive to source raw ingredients from local and quality suppliers. For example, all of our stretch fabrics are produced right here in Montreal so we can oversee not only quality control, but also minimize how far fabrics must travel. Our wood for our stretched canvases are sourced from sustainable Canadian forests. We work with the latest in pigment, sublimation, and archival print technology and are fine turn products for months (sometimes for half a year!) before they become available on our website.
  2. Easy to Use Design Labs: Our goal with the Design Labs for our products was to make them easy to use regardless of experience. We make it simple to upload and layout multiple images on the same product and allow you to see your designs in real time. Our 3D models are unique on the web and make it so you can see an as accurate as possible representation of your artwork on the finished product. Our customers are welcome to download and use the product mock-ups for any personal websites, Etsy listings, or to share on social media.
  3. Building your Brand: Art of Where offers artists the unique opportunity to build their brand right from the beginning. We offer multiple options for branding including custom labeling in clothing, custom artist cards (like business cards) that can be sent with packages, as well as custom stickers for the outside of your shipments. All our branding options are either low cost ($1 for a label on drop shipped clothing) or free. The goal with our branding options is to make the product look like it is coming from the artist themselves while Art of Where is the behind-the-scenes maker.
  4. Shipping from Canada and the USA: Art of Where is uniquely situated 40 mins away from the USA border. For this reason, we make all products in Canada, but can offer shipping from by Canada and the USA. Since we handle the border crossing personally, your customers are never hit with surprise duties or fees in the USA. This is a huge bonus since both Canadian and American drop shippers get the best of both worlds when it comes to shipping and happy customer.
  5. Effective Resolutions: Art of Where does not hide behind robots! Our phone is manned all work day and we aim to respond to emails within 48 hours. If you have concerns regarding an order, a stuck shipment, or anything else, we will work with you to resolve the situation. All issues are dealt with on a case by case basis with respect and according to our policies. We know that customer service is both important to the relationship between our artists and their customers, and in turn, is important between ourselves and our artists.
  6. Easy tracking and new integrations with online selling platforms: We know professional artists (and anyone else for that matter) would like to spend as little time as possible on managing their creative business, and more time being creative! This is why we are always adding new ways to make using Art of Where easier. Our mantra is the less clicks the better. All of our drop shipping accounts offer simple and very visual displays so you can track your orders and even individual pieces in an order as they go through production. We are incorporating ways to download concise reports of your sales and purchases to make accounting and reporting taxes easier. We are integrating with more and more online platforms like Shopify and Etsy so you can connect and send us your sales automatically. All of this at zero cost to you!
  7. 100% fee free: Art of Where will never charge you fees to access our drop shipping and order fulfillment services. There will never be a minimum required sales amount and we will never charge you to create, add or maintain product listings. Fee free is the only way to be so that your business potential is boundless.