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How to create a Listing

    Once you have created and saved products, you are ready to start bringing in the sales! If you choose to sell via an ecommerce site, but not one we offer full integration with, there are steps to take to make sure your listings are detailed and properly inform your customers.

  1. Create photo previews in the photo lab so you have plenty of images to show your customers. See our guide to using the photo lab.

    We also strongly encourage you to drop ship an order to yourself and take real life photos. Customers love to see our products in action and this way you’ll know firsthand what your customer will receive.

  2. Write descriptions of the products you are selling or use our copy and paste descriptions. You can edit them as you see fit. Your customer will want to know about the product, but it’s also very important to include information about the unique design you’ve created.
  3. Include the size guide for items that have one. You can find them with the copy and paste descriptions.
  4. When you drop ship, it’s up to you to set your own prices! You will need to decide how much you would like to sell your items for. We have our retail prices listed in our pricing section, which are our suggested retail prices. You know your audience best though, and you can charge what you think is appropriate. Some of our artists charge up to 3 times the suggested retail price since they have extensive followings.
  5. Setting up shipping costs is tedious but so necessary! We have a list of shipping prices for individual items. Each additional item adds approximately 20% more to the shipping cost, based on the most expensive item in the order. Depending on what platform you are using for your store, shipping prices can be set up in a variety of ways. Set-up your shipping so it makes sense for your product line but refer to our shipping prices to make sure you are charging the correct amount.