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Ways to sell

In person- A new way to sell at craft or trade shows is by drop shipping with samples. Stock your booth with 1 example of each of your products. For clients who need different sizing or more than you have in stock, have them order on the spot and you can drop ship the products to their home.

  1. Design products on AOW and save them in your account
  2. Order 1 of each product in a popular size to showcase at your show.
  3. Display and sell your items in person. For items you don’t have stock of, have your client pay in person and you in turn drop ship the item directly to their address. Your customer gets to see your products in person, discover which size is right for them, and have it sent directly to their house!

Via an integration- Drop shipping via one of our integrations is an easy and quick way to set up a shop and start selling online. We connect with many platforms that make it easy to start an ecommerce store. Once your store is set-up, connect with AOW and have orders flow from your store to our fulfillment studio in the blink of an eye.

  1. You either have or are starting a Shopify, Etsy, or Big Cartel store.
  2. Set up your online store.
  3. Follow the steps under our App Integrations tab in your Account to connect your store.
  4. Transfer products from AOW to your store, or connect products in your online store to your AOW products for fulfillment.
  5. Do it once and it’s set up forever. You can set up automatic payments to make orders flow through from your store to us immediately for quick fulfillment and happy customers.

Via another online store platform- You can drop ship using any online platform, even if we don’t offer an integration for it yet. While it does require a bit more time to maintain and run than an integrated store, we have made it as easy as possible to place a drop ship order manually. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create your listings on your online store.
  2. When a client orders from your site, login to your Art of Where account ,choose the product you need to fulfil from your Account and click Order, Drop ship.
  3. Enter the shipping information for your customer, and confirm your billing info and complete the order.
  4. To keep ordering easy, you can create multiple drop ship orders in our checkout to different addresses and pay for them all at once!

Important! Your customer will never be notified with any pricing info and all drop ship packages contain no invoices.

Via Etsy- Art of Where has an integration with Etsy! In order to receive your orders, we work with a company called OrderDesk who collects and relays your orders to us. With this integration, you will be able to connect your Etsy listings to products you design on AOW for fulfillment.

To set up your integration:

  1. Click Add store integration under the App integrations tab in your Account.
  2. We will redirect you to