Art of Where


Goals & Rewards

  1. Earn rewards as you get to know Art of Where! Receive discounts for designing and lots of other things! Find out how to access goals and rewards in this guide.

    Log into your Art of Where and click on your Account name on the top right corner of the screen.

    This brings up a panel showing Goals, and Rewards

    Click Goals to view the different goals you can complete.

    Here is an example of the different goals you are expected to complete to unlock rewards.

    We will try to complete a goal by designing a headband.

    After designing the headband, we see a pop up indicating that we have completed a goal.

    Back to the Goals menu, you will see that the Headband goal is now completed.

  2. Checking rewards

    Click on your Account name

    Click Rewards

    Here is the reward for completing the headband goal

  3. Redeeming rewards

    Add the product (headband) to the cart and fill in the necessary details to complete the order.

    On the Confirm your order page, check the circle at the bottom right on the screen to get the 25% discount on your order.

    Note that the 25% discount is only available on one item.

    New goals & rewards will be released periodically!