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What are Variants and what do they do on my Shopify store?

Shopify has a very helpful section regarding variants. Variants are options that are available for your products. For example, size is a variant. Fabric can be a variant if the product can come in different fabrics. Colour could also be a variant.

How to set up and connect variants from Shopify to AOW products.

Setting up variants must done on the Shopify side first. You can set up variants to work however you like with your products, then you connect your new variants back to the AOW products. (Note that when you send an AOW product to Shopify, we will set up the variants for you).

Variants are very useful if you would like to minimize the amount of listings that show up on Shopify. For example, we synced an 18” pillow above. We would also like to sell the larger 22” version. Instead of creating another shop listing, we can simply add the larger size as a variant and then connect it back to the AOW product for fulfilment. Do this by:

  1. Selecting the product you would like to modify in Shopify. Go down to the variants option box. Click on Add a Variant.

  2. First, we have to tell Shopify what the original base option is called. In this case, our base product will be the 18” pillow case, and the 22” is the variant. We’ll input the 18” pillow case then the 22” pillow case variant. We’ll also increase the price for the larger size.

  3. Don’t forget to save! Now go to the AOW dashboard and refresh so we see the changes we made on Shopify. Click the pink sync circle to launch the sync window where we will see the variants.

  4. Click on Choose product and find the correct AOW product to match the Shopify product. You’ll see your choice show up on the right so you can verify the options.

  5. And that’s it! Now when you receive an order for the 18” pillow on Shopify, we’ll make the 18” for your customer. If they choose the larger size, we’ll make that instead! Always take the time to verify that you chose the correct AOW product to match the Shopify product so someone doesn’t get an art print when they ordered a pillow instead!