Art of Where


Design Placement and 3D models vs. Finished Product

Art of Where has specially developed 3D models so you can easily visualize how your printed products will look when finished. We’d like to help you understand the limitations of these models.

Our 3D models are made in 1 size (usually large for clothing products), then we generate the other product sizing from this model. We have included Text Safe Areas which indicate where you can put text and not have it cut off when we do the automatic resizing.

You are always designing the size large in the lab. From this size, we size up for the x-large and down for the medium, small, and x-small. In order to size down, we need to cut away from the design. So please make sure to keep the text safe area on for very specific design details.

Keep in mind that the models are meant to give you an idea of the image placement on the product and may not perfectly match the final product. While we strive to reproduce the models accurately there are differences that can occur between model to final printed product. If you require very specific placement of your design, please get in touch with us and we can in most cases generate print files for you to review before ordering.