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Device Cases

Art-to-go. How we print your device cases and what to expect when printing on polycarbon.

Our device cases are also printed using sublimation so you can expect amazing colours and fastness. The cases are a slim fit shell made from polycarbon, the same plastic used for motorcycle helmets. To sublimate a case and have it wrap around to the sides and front, we use a 3D sublimation vacuum oven equipped with UV lights. The artwork is printed on a foil film and the oven heats up to high temperatures while a vacuum stretches the film around the cases. After 6 minutes of heating and cooling, your case is printed and ready to help protect your device.

Since the film undergoes stress when pulled around the case it’s normal to see some shifting of design details. Designs that require details to be dead center are risky since we cannot guarantee that the film won’t distort the placement slightly. Even a few millimeters in this case can cause a visual discrepancy. We suggest allowing some wiggle room for your designs on the cases. You may also notice small differences in the placement of the same design within a wholesale order, which is normal.