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Dust and Small Imperfections

When Art of Where started, we were pioneers in fabric printing, which means we had to solve print problems as they arose over the wide range of fabric we offered. One of the print limitations which will almost surely never go away is dust and small fabric imperfections. Fabric traps dust during the manufacturing, finishing, and transportation. Even a brand new roll that goes directly on our presses may have small dust pieces on it. When dust is heated it tends to fuse with the fabric and cause a small spot on the fabric. In most cases, printing will cover small imperfections. However, if your design features large white areas, small dust imperfections may be noticeable. There is a degree of small imperfections on a print that will be allowed by our quality control. We are very careful to judge these spots as passable or not passable. You would be more likely to see a dust mark on a fabric that is fuzzy like our velveteen, than on a smooth fabric like our performance spandex.