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How does the print look after sewing?

During sublimation printing, the ink is absorbed into the top layer of the fabric. If the fabric is thick like our legging fabric, the ink does not print all the way through to the other side of the fabric. With a fabric like our chiffon fabric, you will be able to see the print from the other side though at about 50% strength. When your garment is sewn, the needles will pass through the fabric layers and push the fibers aside to make room for the thread. Sometimes, especially on dark prints, you will see small white areas around the stitches. This is the inside of the fabric where the print cannot reach. While it does affect the look of the final garment slightly, there is nothing further we can do to reduce this and it will be noticeable in areas of the garment that stretch the most, like the back of leggings. For most prints, you will never even notice it.