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I see small dust marks on my print. Is this normal?

When we print with sublimation, the fabric is heated up to very high temperatures so the print can transfer. During this process, if there are small pieces of dust or fluff on the fabric which, as you can imagine is unavoidable when working with fabrics, the dust or fluff will be fused into the fabric during the transfer. In most cases you will not even see these tiny marks. It is mainly only noticeable when the print either has large solid areas, or a lot of white space. Since it is impossible to control the tiny dust particles, there is an allowance considered passable when we are quality checking the print. The fabric in which you will notice dust marks the most is our velveteen, the reason being this napped (fluffy) fabric will trap the most dust. We certainly order reprints when the amount of dust particles is unacceptable but please be aware that this is a limitation in sublimation printing.