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What is sublimation printing and what are the limitations?

On-demand printing on fabric is an exciting way to customize textile products. As new technology emerges, the possibility to print and create your own unique clothing only grows. While sublimation printing is a very versatile process, there are some limitations that affect print outcomes that are good to know about before placing your first order.

Sublimation is a process in which ink is set into synthetic fabric using very high heats. When heated, the ink instantly because a gas that in turn is trapped in the fabric fibers. The transferred ink cannot be rubbed off and is evenly distributed within the fabric. You cannot feel the print on the fabric surface and it has amazing washability. While sublimation printing is a great way to reproduce artwork on fabric, there are some limitations to the process. Read on to better understand the limitations that we work within when printing your custom artwork onto fabric.

Printing basics and disclaimers

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