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Who decides the thread colour?

The choice of thread colour will be determined by either the prep or sewing team member who handles your item.

They take several things into account when choosing a thread colour including:

  1. What is the dominant colour in the print?
  2. What thread colour will show the least against the print colours?
  3. If the print is solid colours, which thread colour will show the least against the solid colour?

When processing wholesale orders, the sewing team will try to process the full order in the same thread colour. However, some items (for example reprinted items) may pass through production separately and may end up stitched in a different colour. 2 of the same items stitched in different thread colours does not qualify for a reprint. Neither would 2 different orders for the same item sewn in different thread colours. This is simply what can happen since we are dealing with such a wide range of print colours and many people who are involved in the production of a single item.