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Thread Colours

We sew all our products from scarves to pillows to clothing using 4 thread colours: white, light grey, dark grey and black. We find that out of all the printed artwork we see in a day, we can in most cases match your prints to one of these 4 thread colours without taking away from the final product.

Choosing thread colours for your products is a task done by our prep team. The prep team receive the printed pieces, inspect the print for quality and affix all necessary labels. Once an item is prepped, the thread colour is chosen based off of the main colours in the artwork. If the order is a wholesale order, we will try to make sure all items in the order are made in the same thread colour. We cannot guarantee that if you place 2 wholesale orders at different times that they will have the same thread colour. Sometimes the choice between 2 thread colours is not easy, for example, on artwork that is mainly dark gray scale. Do you go black or dark grey?

Our guiding philosophy when choosing thread colour is to treat every product like it’s our own. Since many of our staff have creative backgrounds, it’s second nature for us to think like our customers and make good decisions when it comes to thread colour.