Art of Where


I see a charge on my credit card from Art of Where that I don’t recognise. What do I do?

If your card has been charged incorrectly or fraudulently, we take this very seriously. We work with the credit card processor Stripe and we have a series of checks in place to verify payments and flag suspicious transactions. Still, there is a small chance that someone can use a stolen credit card number to order products on the website. If your card has been used fraudulently, please report it with your credit card company first as quickly as possible. Your credit card company will open a case with us to reverse the charges. Please also let us know as soon as you can as well so we can prevent the order from being made and shipped.

Some credit card companies will charge small fees for sending payments in USD or sending payments to a company based in another country. These charges are not coming from Art of Where. They are coming from your credit card company and calling them would be the best course of action to understand why they occurred and how to avoid fees.