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How to wholesale

  1. Getting started

    Start by creating an account. With an account open, you’ll be able to create and save products for future orders.

  2. Designing Products

    Design products in our Design Labs. Upload your original artwork, layout your design and see products come to life in real time with our 3D previews. Save and name your products then create collections to organize your designs as you build your product line.

  3. Stocking up

    The minimum quantity for wholesale is 6 items per size per design. We keep our minimums low so that artists can wholesale a variety of products without having huge upfront costs. How you stock up is up to you. As long as you are entering 6 or more products per design per size in your shopping cart, the total will automatically be adjusted to the wholesale price.

  4. Useful info

    Products ordered wholesale also qualify for all of our custom labeling options. Add custom labels to your clothing items, and artists cards or stickers to every order.

    We are committed to keeping wholesale turn around time low. Even for orders of 100pcs or more, we aim to keep production time around 5-10 business days. Our internal tracking system typically puts 12 items per day into printing for a wholesale order. So 100 pcs will take around 8 days. We can split shipments on wholesale so you receive part of your order sooner. Get in touch with our customer service if you need a customized shipping option.

    Wholesale orders pass through the same quality control process as the rest of our products. That being said, there maybe some small variations within your wholesale order due to the fact that everything is handmade. Check our print limitations guide to see what type of normal variations can happen in our print and production processes.

    Not interested in carrying inventory? Drop shipping might be better suited for your needs!