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About us

From Print to finished product

Art of Where is a community driven production studio that custom creates high quality wearable
garments and accessories printed with artwork. We combine the worlds of art, paper, print, sewing and
locally made goods with only the best raw materials to realize artwork on a wide range of mediums.
Our goal is to manufacture high quality printed products at pricing
accessible to resellers, Etsians, and artists.

Why local ?

Art of Where produces all items in our studio in Montreal Canada. We handle everything from the printing, sewing and quality control in house. Not only that, but our knit fabrics are manufactured in Montreal as well! This has many benefits for you including:

Feel good

Feel good about how your items are
made. Our employees are paid fair
wages and work regular hours.

Fast Turnaround.

Since we do it all ourselves from start to finish, we can get your order made quickly and we are always happy to work with you to meet a tight deadline.


Since we have close relationships with our local suppliers, we have processes in place to maintain consistency in our fabrics.


Your artwork stays safe. Unlike overseas factories who operate without copyright laws in place, we understand that your artwork is yours alone. You never transfer rights to us, even when you sell in our Art of Where store. Feel secure that your artwork won't be used for anything other than filling your orders.


Our fabrics are our pride and joy. Our legging fabric took almost 11 months until we got it just right! Since we work closely with our fabric factory, we can come up with beautiful combinations of polyester and spandex that are unique to Art of Where.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Every business has a responsibility to reduce their environmental impact. By manufacturing and sourcing locally, we help reduce our carbon footprint. Our paper waste is recycled in the city and excess clothing items or inperfect garments are donated to innercity shelters.

Our Work space

Art of Where has a team of employees that print, cut, sew, and package your order from start to finish in our production studio in Montreal, Canada. Our employees are paid a fair wage, above minimum wage to start, and all breaks are paid. No unpaid internships! Many of our employees run their own online stores and know exactly what it takes to turn ideas and art into finished products worthy of their fans. We know that every employee is important, and we have teams in place to take care of you every step of the way from production to customer service and web development.