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About Art of Where

  • helpWhat is ArtofWhere?

    ArtofWhere is a tool for artists (or anyone else) to use to translate artwork onto original, hand made products. We specialize in creating custom one-of-a-kind items using the best materials available. At ArtofWhere, we invite artists to either open a store , drop ship, or wholesale with us, depending on what best suits the artists needs.

  • helpI'm an artist. How do I use ArtofWhere?

    Best thing to do first: create an account with us. Once you have an account, you will be able to open a store, have access to drop ship pricing, track your sales, orders and commission, as well as create your own custom packaging designs. Your backend management system will guide you thru each of these different processes.

  • helpWhat is the difference between opening a store and drop shipping?

    When you open a store on ArtofWhere, everytime a product from your store is sold, you earn 25% commission. For example, an 18" pillow retails on ArtofWhere for 30$. This means, everytime someone purchases an 18" pillow from your store featuring your artwork, you receive 7.50$ commission. Commissions are paid out once per week. Find more information about comission and payments here.

    When you drop ship with ArtofWhere, you have the chance to make more money than by selling thru commission, but it does involve more hands on work. People who drop ship generally have store fronts on other sites, whether it be a personal website or a 3rd party site like Etsy. Sales are made thru this other website. The artist posts the mockup of the products on the site, chooses how much they sell the product for, handles the sale with the customer, then places the drop ship order with us. Our backend system for artists is set up so you create and save all your products in the backend. When you place an order, you choose the correct product, enter the shipping address, decide if you would like to add custom packaging, and we handle all production and shipping. Please visit our drop shipping page for more info.

  • helpWhere do you ship from?
  • helpMy customer has an issue with a drop shipped product. How is this handled?

    If your customer reports an issue to you about a drop shipped product, please report it to us at and follow the steps provided under our Policies page regarding drop ship orders. Please ask your customer for reference photos and send these along to us. Please only send 1 email to report an issue, not multiple emails. In most cases, we will be able to respond within 24-48 hrs and help resolve the issue with you. All issues are handled on a case by case basis.

  • helpDo I have to create an account to order wholesale?

    No. You can start ordering wholesale right away. You will be required to provide a valid email address during checkout so that we may contact you with tracking info and any questions/comments we might have. We do suggest you opening an account in order to keep every design you made available to you for future use.

  • helpIf I order more than 6 items, can I get a better price?

    Unfortunately, no. We offer our lowest price at the lowest quantity rate right away so you don’t need to order 50 or 100 cases in order to get a 50% discount price. We start ours at 6 units (per design) and offer incredible savings!

    We realize that many people can’t afford to pay for inventory of such great quantities which is why we decided to start our minimums so low. We also figured that many artists and entrepreneurs don’t necessarily want the same image on 100 plus pieces.

    In a market dominated by factories overseas we had to find advantages that people deemed worthy. The main advantages that we offer, is our low minimums, delivery prices and shipping speeds (and we make everything in house).

  • helpDo I have to create an account to drop ship?

    Yes. In order to drop ship you must create an account. This keeps all of your designs on file for easy transactions in the future. This also allows you to view exactly who you have shipped it to, the status of the order and the tracking number.

  • helpWhat payment options do you have?

    We accept payment with Paypal or credit cards. We use Stripe to handle credit cards so that your credit card information is never stored on our servers.

  • helpProduction/Delivery Time?
  • helpDo I retain all rights to my artwork?

    Yes. We are simply a high end production house that prints and packages your art onto different mediums. Your art is not visible to other members of ArtofWholesale until you post pics or mockups on other sites.

  • helpCan I post products on other sites with the same artwork I have posted on ArtofWhere?

    Of course. We do not require exclusivity of your artwork.

  • helpCan ArtofWhere use my artwork without my consent?

    No. We only access your artwork print files in order to make the product when an item featuring your artwork is ordered either by yourself, or a customer from your store. ArtofWhere does retain the right to photograph any product we make for promotional graphics on our site or in mail outs. However, if you are unhappy with a photograph on our site, please contact us at and we can possibly remove the photo.

  • helpHow are my device covers packaged and shipped?

    All drop shipped products are packaged in a non-abrasive foam pouch and sealed with an ArtofWhere sticker, unless the order is upgraded to customized packaging for the small additional fee. Custom mini sleeves are available for all device case orders. Device cases ship in small sturdy boxes, and all fabric products ship in rip-proof shipping envelopes. If you have any concerns about how your drop ship products are packaged, please contact us at

  • helpHow are wholesale orders packaged?

    Wholesale orders will be packaged in clear poly-liner plastic bags, then placed in a shipping envelope. Wholesale items are not packaged individually for environmental purposes.

  • helpWho is responsible for customs fees?

    The person who is receiving the products will ultimately be responsible for any custom charges or taxes (if applied), so please check with your custom regulations before ordering. We cannot undervalue any costs of the products that we ship so please do not ask us to. Since we do ship from Canada and the USA, only international orders may experience custom fees. ArtofWhere is not responsible for reimbursing custom or duties associated with an order.

Printing & Colors

  • helpWill the colours of the final print match my artwork exactly?

    Almost never. Due to the fact that we are printing on surfaces other than paper, the print colours on your final product will most likely vary from your original artwork. Even though our base products and fabric are white, slight variations can arise from piece to piece which in turn effect the print colours.

    Our inks and printers each have a specific range of colours that they can produce. This is know as the colour gamut. There are some colours that are outside of the colour gamut that our printer can not actually produce. If your design includes out of gamut colours, this will cause the print to differ from your original artwork. When the printer detects an out of gamut colour, it instead prints the colour that is closest to it that it can produce. This is one of the reasons why your artwork printed item may differ from your orginal artwork.

    Screen settings and work spaces will also cause your artwork printed item to differ from what you see on your comptuer screen.

    If you are unsure of how your artwork will print, we encourage you to purchase either a sample case or test swatch of fabric before going ahead with larger orders.

  • helpPrinting Variations

    Since we are printing onto mediums other than paper, variations may occur during printing. Variations that may occur within an order or from one order to another include:

  • helpImage placement on the product

    Placement of your image on the product may vary piece to piece.

    • On device cases, variations within a few millimetres are acceptable in any direction.
    • On pillows, variations within a few centimeters are acceptable in any direction including along seam allowances.

  • helpColours of the printed artwork

    The colour outcome of your printed product may differ slightly from your original artwork. Reasons for this include differences in monitor colours, the printing range or gamut of our printers, the colour setting that your artwork was created in and limitations of fabric and sublimation printing. Consistency and providing a perceptually similar translation of your artwork is important to us but variations in colour still may occur that are beyond our control.

  • helpShadowing during fabric printing for pillows

    Shadowing can happen during the fabric printing process for pillows. It occurs usually on dark colour areas if the print shifts slightly during pressing. It will look like a small shadow on some details of the artwork. We do everything in our power to minimize shadowing; however it is acceptable as a printing variation.

For questions related to fabric printing, please find our fabric printing FAQ's here.