Custom printed Baby Leggings

Picture of a baby wearing custom printed baby leggings

Good things come in small packages.

Now our completely hand made in Montreal leggings fit your little ones! Available in sizes 6 months to 3 years, dress up your baby legs in custom designs and art.

Baby Leggings from Art of Where made by Hand in Montreal


Currently our baby leggings are available in 4 sizes as represented in the chart below. Currently we offer 4 sizes including 6 months, 1 year, 2 year, and 3 year old.

Our supple and soft polyspandex legging fabrics allow your baby freedom of movement while fitting well. Our leggings leave ample area for diapers and won't squeeze too tighly at the waist. The vivid prints can be washed over and over with no fading to the print and no shrinking of the fabric. Our baby legging fabric is quickdry, easy to care for, and has natural antibacterial properties.

Art of Where baby leggings size chart


Clothing designed for children is required by law to pass compliance testing in order to be determined safe for wearing. Art of Where worked with a 3rd party accredited testing lab in the USA to certify our baby leggings. Below is a copy of the certificate stating the section the leggings/fabric/print were tested for and the results (PASS!). You are welcome to refer to or use the below report for product listings in your store or etsy shop. The report was completed Dec 10, 2014.

Baby Leggings testing report results

The Design Lab

You'll notice that our baby legging design lab is set up differently than the adult legging design lab. This is due to the bigger difference in legging length associated with the baby sizes. For the adult leggings, we ask that you design one pair and then the final size print templates are generated from this one design. The placement of your design will vary slightly on the adult leggings from small to large.

For the baby leggings, we created the lab so that you have full and complete control over the design placement on the 4 different legging sizes. We ask that you adjust the artwork on each size so that the generated print files are spot on for how you would like the final leggings to look. For artwork that requires great accuracy on the final product, this is a big bonus.

Note: You will be asked if you intend the design to be a single, unrepeated order, or if you would like to reorder or add the design to your AOW store. If you choose to save the product or add it to your store, you willl need to choose the Multiple sizes option. Once in the lab, the interface will default to the 6 months template. Please layout your artwork for this size.