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Custom printed Cotton Linen Pillows
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Custom printed Cotton Linen canvas Pillow cases

Made from 68% cotton, and 32% linen, this fabric was specially developed to maintain the feel and look expected in natural products while still performing impeccably as a printable surface. Sublime softness, uncompromised colors and never-fade prints are all possible with our reactive print process on natural fabric pillowcases.

Custom printed Cotton Linen canvas Pillow cases

Made from 68% cotton, and 32% linen, this fabric was specially developed to maintain the feel and look expected in natural products while still performing impeccably as a printable surface. Sublime softness, uncompromised colors and never-fade prints are all possible with our reactive print process on natural fabric pillowcases.

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    Made from a specially developed 68% cotton / 32% linen fibers

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    5 sizes to choose from in popular formats

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    Printed with permanent reactive digital inks so your pillowcase print will never fade or wash away

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    Invisible zipper in your choice of black or white sewn in at the bottom for easy care

Cotton Linen canvas Pillow cases are drop ship friendly!

Graphic showing the process of drop shipping using Art of Where

Art of Where drop shipping and fulfillment services are a quality-centric way to create, expand, or enhance your artwork-based business! Print your artwork on our unique handmade product range and benefit from:

  • No upfront costs
  • Realistic mockups for your product listings
  • Quick production times
  • Seamless integrations with e-commerce platforms: Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Big Cartel, Squarespace
  • Branded labels and packaging

How it's printed

Reactive Printing

Reactive printing is a multistep process formulated for printing on natural fabrics. It involves 4 main steps: pretreating fabrics, printing, steaming and washing.

The pretreatment process involves coating fabrics in a finely tuned chemical mixture that stiffens the fabric and helps bond the ink to the fabric. Once coated, the fabrics are digitally printed with reactive inks using color profiles suited to each fabric. It’s quick and insanely accurate! The CMYK ink set translates your artwork into millions of tiny drops that are jetted out from the technologically advanced print heads. After printing, steaming is where the magic happens! The fabric slowly moves through a steam chamber heated to 102 degrees Celsius which opens the fiber’s cells. Once opened, the ink can transfer into the fibers. After steaming the print will be at maximum vibrancy and color depth. The last step is washing to remove all excess inks and residual pretreatment. The fabric passes through 3 different temperature baths and we add special detergents and finishers to wash and significantly soften the fabrics.

It’s a long process but it’s worth it! All fabrics printed with a reactive process are fully washable with no fading and perfectly soft and ready to use for any project.

Watch our video about the particularities of cotton linen canvas.

Natural fabric being printed with reactive inks

Reactive vs. Pigment

Unlike the reactive process detailed above, pigment printing is a short cut for natural fabric printing. It results in surface prints on natural fabrics where the inks do not penetrate into the fibers. While it is a fast process, pigment inks are not wash-fast and will fade with washing and rubbing. The colors produced in pigment printing are generally subdued since pigment inks are composed of not only the nanopigments (colors) and water, but also a glue to adhere the ink to the fabric surface. The glue also means your fabric feels stiffer after printing with no hope of softening without washing and color-loss. In contrast, reactive printing includes all the 4 steps detailed above and the end product is fully washed and ready for any end use. Reactive printing on natural fabrics means there’s never any compromise between colors, feel, finish, or wash fastness.

Fabric printed with reactive inks compared against fabric printed with pigment inks

Environment Impact of Reactive On-demand Printing

Reactive printing on-demand is a low waste process. Since every meter we print is for a specific customer, we never have overstock or deadstock. Fabrics that we pretreat incorrectly can simply be washed and retreated. Our washing machinery recirculates water to minimize water usage. The steamer uses less than 40 liters of water most production days. We use natural gas heaters to power the printer heater and practice widely accepted energy saving techniques daily within our facility including recycling all cardboard, papers, and plastics.

Printed natural fabric coming out of a dryer

Descriptions for your product listings

Sometimes it seems like there are a hundred little steps to go through when creating a product listing! To help make it a little bit easier for you, we’ve put together some listing descriptions that you can choose from and use for any purpose. Copy and paste as many times are you need!


Reactive printed pillowcases in cotton linen are what your couch and your skin want! The natural 63% cotton, 32% linen cases have a beautiful mild sheen and feel soft to the touch. The reactive print will never fade with use or washing. The pillowcases feature my original artwork and are finished with an invisible zipper for easy care.

Etsy Listing Friendly

So let’s be real, my skill set does not include printing and cutting and sewing pillowcases just yet! So instead, I team up with a manufacturer for my natural fabric pillowcases. This listing is for a reactive printed 63% cotton, 32% linen pillowcase featuring my original artwork printed edge-to-edge. The unique reactive process means the print will never fade or wash away. Also, as part of the fabric finishing process, the fabrics are washed and shrunk. That means your pillowcase arrives ready to stuff and love! Experience vibrant and a gorgeous feel with this complementary cotton-linen-artwork combination!


Living the artistic lifestyle daily gets a bit easier with custom printed cotton/linen throw pillowcases! Featuring my original artwork, these pillowcases will add a touch of artsy to your decor! Made from 68% cotton and 32% linen, each case is printed using a special reactive process. During reactive printing, fabrics go through 4 stages including steaming and washing to ensure the color is permanently locked into the fibers without affecting the feel of the fabric. You will never have any worry about your pillowcase fading with washing or use. Add art to your life with original artwork on pillowcases!

Home Decor Shop

It's widely known that the easiest way to refresh a room is to start with new textiles. Take that idea to the next level by bringing original artwork into the picture! Not only do these cotton/linen artwork printed pillowcases change the vibe of your space, but the prints are digitally printed with reactive inks, the only permanent way to print on natural fabrics. So give your favorite chill spot a micro-makeover or seriously revamp your lounge with art printed textiles. Your couch and my art-based business will thank you!

Inspiration and Ideas

Cotton linen canvas pillow with a quote printed on it

Spell it out

Typography can really make your decor special and personalized! Try writing a message on your pillowcases, or spell out a name over several cases. Great for children's decor!

Woman holding a custom printed cotton linen canvas pillow

Welcome home

Pillows in natural fabrics can set the tone for a space and help make a room feel comforting. Use our cotton linen pillows to make comfort key in your space. Choose artwork in neutral tones or with comforting messages.

A custom printed cotton linen canvas pillow near a Christmas tree

Change of season

Changing your pillowcases seasonally is an inexpensive way to refresh your rooms throughout the year. Since we allow you to design the front and back of your throw pillows, it may be just as easy as flipping your pillows over season to season!

A bed with a custom printed cotton linen canvas pillow on it

Bed pillows

Our pillowcases don’t need to be just throw pillows. How about replacing your bed pillow shams with custom cotton linen canvas cases? Our cotton linen fabric is on par with high-end bedding and our 26” by 20” size is equal to standard for bed pillows (but too small for king size!).

Compliance and Safety

OEKO-TEX Certified Factory
Piles of fabric
Workers inspecting fabric

Our cotton/linen fabric is made in a factory with OEKO-TEX Certification for standardized and safe working conditions.
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