Custom printed Silk Scarves

Picture of a girl wearing a custom printed silk scarf

Art of Where now makes it possible to translate your artwork onto digitally printed silk scarves. From your walls into wearable art, create your own line of silk scarves to sell on Etsy, or your Online Shop.  

Our silk scarves are available for drop shipping, order fufillment, and at wholesale prices as well.  

How Art of Where Creates your Custom Printed Silk Scarf, Start to Finish

Like all of our products, our Silk Scarves are produced entirly in-house. We print our fabrics, press them to set the inks, and do all the cutting and sewing by hand. Each scarf is handled individually and with care.  

Take a look at the process! Please feel free to use any of the pictures below for product listings.  

Custom made silk scarves digitally printed on demand by Art of Where.     Custom made silk scarves pressing     Custom made silk scarves digitally printed on demand by Art of Where.

Fabric and Finishing

Our custom printed silk scarves are made from 100% silk habotai fabric. They are light and airy and our special print process allows the print to be seen through both sides of the scarf.  

We finish our scarves with a machine rolled baby hem. The finishing is durable and smooth. Based on the colours in your artwork, our sewing team will use their discretion to choose grey, black, or white thread.   

Important Notes on Printing on Silk: Colours and More

There are a few things that are important to know when printing on silk. We print with pigment inks that are about 95-98% washable on our silks. There will be some fading, but it will be minimal. Also, depending on the colours in your design, our printer may not be able to match your artwork colours perfectly. Pigment inks, due to the binder that makes them washable, tend to narrow the acheivable colour range of the printer. For more information on colours and our fabrics, please read our FAQ's. Silk fabric itself also has some natural characteristics that may effect your scarves. Silk is a natural fabric made from the fibers of silkworm cocoons. It can have natural flaws or consistencies that are unavoidable from it's manufacturing process.  

*If you would like to be sure of the colour outcome of your silk scarf, we highly suggest ording a swatch of the printed fabric before proceeding with the scarf order. Please order a swatch of silk habotai via our fabric design lab linked here..

Custom made silk scarves finishing     Custom silk scarf finishing

Scarf Sizes and Pricing

Our scarves come in 3 sizes: 36" by 36", 26" by 26", and 16" by 72". These 3 sizes are very versitile and can be worn in many ways. If you are interested in a creating a custom size, please email us and we'll see if we can accomadate your sizing.  

Below are our prices for Suggested Retail (and the retail price that you will find in our artist stores), Drop Ship (and order fufilment), and Wholesale. 

Custom silk scarve price chart      Custom Printed silk scarves with artwork and designs. Custom made silk scarfs with artofwhere

Packaging and Shipping

Beautiful scarves deserve beautiful packaging. We package each individual, drop shipped scarf in it's own box.** Each scarf comes with care instructions also printed on silk!

For current production time on silk scarves, please refer to our Shipping and Production Page.

Shipping prices for scarves are low since they fit into such a nice small package. Shipping within the USA for 1 scarf is $3.50. International shipments and shipments within Canada are 5$ for the first scarf.

Custom printed silk scarf packaging     Custom printed silk scarf packaging     Custom printed silk scarf packaging

**Please note that wholesale orders of scarves are not individually boxed but do come with one care label per order.